Family time

Waking up to half a foot of snow at 5:45am i was torn to whether it was going to be a good day or a bad day. My focus this morning was getting some work done around the house, updating some logs, trying to stay off my sore knee and then taking to the backyard for some pictures of the pups. What may be our last big snow fall was enjoyed thoroughly by my canine companions.






















We really do love winter, the snow is great, the lack of mud is even better, and its a different experience to get out there and train your dog in the winter.  The chihuahua’s could do without the cold weather and the snow up past their little heads but the big dogs are pretty good at giving them worn down paths all around the back yard. We spend just as much time outside in the winter as we do in the summer and the change of seasons is always a relief.  Thank you 2011 for a fun winter experience, here is to a nice dry mild temperature summer!!!!!

Strike a pose

I think i’m sore!!

Another good weekend done, and boy did this one leave us sore. We headed down to Tech city again in Kingston to work some building stuff. The snow that melted re froze as ice and it is rough out in the woods for the pups paws! The building work was great, it gives a good tight area to work quick refinds and some really weird scent pictures.   I was able to run all the “pups” and younger dogs multiple times on problems of varying length depending on their skill level. The girls blew me away like usual. Eme worked some longer hard blind problems and even with other dogs off leash distracting her work still came back and indicated like she should.

Raina off working the scent

Raina did some great blind problems and it was amazing to watch  her work the scent.  She worked it perfectly with no bad habits in place, you could really tell where the scent was being carried and where it wasn’t.  She had some great head pops into rooms and even the stairwell the subject was in.

I got my toy

One of the hardest problems of the day was up on the 4th floor which was essentially the roof. Due to the nature of the building as an old IBM plant the huge cooling fans and big metal fan rooms where a perfect creepy place to train the dogs. Eme worked a great blind problem up there and after climbing 4 huge flights of stairs (perfectly with no hesitation, mom on the other hand had some burning legs!) she was unfazed by the huge metal air ducts she had to search and the bomb shelter like rooms! Once she found the subject she gave a few whines before actually jumping into the airduct but then did a perfect refind, with her machine gun bark!

Dark dark room

It was also mr felix bleu’s first time doing building work and he did great. The boy was knocking down doors to get to his subject and we even incorporated a recall back to Kara during this training. From here on out his find will now end at kara after he has found his subject.  She is working on his bark indication and we should be able to put that in pretty quickly. An amazing boy that felix bleu!

I LOVE my ball!!!

It was a great day and the dogs love the building work.  Thank you tech city and we will be back!!!!

Tech City Kingston NY

A little of this a little of that

The weekend was busy and the girls didn’t get work everyday like they are used to. Snoopy had surgery on friday and came through it like a champ. He is recovering and doing well. This old man won’t have to worry about any more surgery for a LONG time to come.

Saturday kendal and I headed down to work with a few clients and to get her service dog “test” completed. She passed with flying colors and is just a true testament to what a rescue dog can turn into. She also spent the weekend as Life Long Tails donation dog raising money and raising awareness to what it is we do for helpless animals!!

YAY Kendal!!!












Sunday the girls finally got there day. Kara and Mika jumped in the car and we headed down to the school for some work for the girls and some good dog teaching for the kids.   The kids had built a snow cave last week and we were able to get Mika and Eme on the first snow cave ever!  Eme did amazing, worked the scent out great, stayed committed, and crawled all the way into the cave to find her subject. We worked on her recall, indication and refind with the snow cave as it gave a different scent picture and environment which always challenges the puppies!


My butts sticking out of the cave!!










She worked a total of almost an hour and still had to play ball all the way back to the truck with the boys.  We got our excercise in walking in snow shoes the whole time!!! It was better then falling 2 feet deep into the snow drifts though!

Off to work we go!











Of course Raina needs her time too and she wow’d us all with how well she works!!! She knows her job and she knows when its about to start. I just introduced her vest in and she gets so excited to get dressed.

back talk to mom!













Raina has been lucky enough to get the perfect flawless training method where mom makes no mistakes (yet) and she has yet to have a big hang up. I know its coming, shes only 4 months old, but her nose work is natural and amazing, and her refind and indication to me is phenomenal. Of course shes pretty crazy too!!

mom mom mom i know where he is!!! mom mom mom!!!












The day was a good one. Mr felix blue the newest shepherd that we took in was introduced to cadaver and we did a few short runaways with him as well. He loves food, and loves to play ball, and loves to search!!!

Hello working world!!!

A busy weekend for us all

Friday saturday and sunday brought the Petsmart adoption even where people get to meet and great all our wonderful animals and talk with volunteers about us and what we do.  Thanks to a grant from Greg Biffle the nascar driver we were able to order some great tshirts,  banner, new business cards, and other vital items to use at our fundraisers!!!










We managed to get some applications and do a few adoptions too! The ferrets where a hit and the dogs all did great. We were able to make some new friends and meet some potential new adopters!!










It was a wonderful weekend and we were able to help even more animals!! Thank you to the support from the community!!












In Loving Memory

This post is in loving memory of Camo, the aussie border collie mix we pulled from death from Darlington animal shelter in SC. Camo slipped his collar on his way up here to us and was hit and killed by a speeding train while on the run. Camo was a great dog and we were thrilled to be able to save his life, rehabilitate him and find him his forever home. Unfortunately this poor boy is now at the rainbow bridge with our other lost Life Long Tails dogs. Rest in Peace my little man who we never even got to meet.

day to day fun

My posts normally occur after my weekend of working dogs but while trying to kill time before training starts i figured i would give an update on the rest of the canine co pilot pack.


Everyone seems to be doing well, even with the cold temperatures lately and the crazy amount of snow and ice.  Our day to day training and fun includes obedience outside and inside, group downs and stays, and Simon says games. Kendal has been working on her obedience so that i can get her tested for her PAT (public access test) and then once she is my service dog move her into certification for therapy dog as well. While Kendal tries to just be a funny clown of the house she has a serious working side as well and knows when she is out with mom she needs to be in tune and responsible at all times.

hum the world seems different from this view!










As a Life Long Tails rescue Kendal is the perfect picture of what a rescue dog can achieve if given the appropriate training, time, and owner.  Kendal is also Life Long Tails donation dog and canine mascot.

Shepherds playing in the snow in the backyard

Unlike so many trainers out there our dogs love training time. It is not a time when they get thrown on the ground, alpha rolled, beaten, yelled at, or dominated. It is a time when we get to have fun together, learn together, and communicate in a revolutionary  new way. This is what ensures the ultimate relationship, amazing obedience, and a bond that never dies.

Weekend wonderland

Snow, cold temperature, and wind………’s defiantly still winter!! The girls didn’t care they were just happy to have some good training days ahead of them. Friday we headed to Hancock to work with the dog corp boys and get both girls some quick working problems.

My girls














Eme did great, the snow was over my knees but she plowed through like a champ and got her subject.  It would have been a good refind too if mom hadn’t walked into a pricker bush and poked her eye!!! Ohhh well it was still great!

Finally done working











Saturday we moved on to building training in Vestal at an hold veterinary hospital.  The girls both did amazing especially after the day down at kingston getting in building work. Eme’s most challenging problem was Kara up in the attic. She had never done an up high building before and it was great for her to learn the scent picture.

Working the person in the attick










Raina got some good problems in and her recall and indication is perfect right now. She is so smart and so drivey she just wants to work 24/7



We also added felix blue to the group on saturday and have already begun his training. Felix is a wonderful stable nerved german shepherd. You can see him and Eme at Kara’s house hanging out!!

Felix blue!!