It was a good day for about 3 hours

So we went to pick up the truck yesterday which turned into a fiasco of its own but………..when we get hope i spend 2 hours getting the back all ready for the dogs and all the search gear loaded. Then kevin, with the window down gets out of the car and closes the drivers side door and we hear “BOOM Crack” as the window starts to shatter because its not in track. BOOO 😦     If that wasn’t bad enough the DVD player wont work either so i can’t watch XFiles on the way to PA.

Well the dogs had a fun day, bo had a good problem albeit running into a lady lost on our land with 6 dogs who’s husband is a K9 training officer for the Sheriffs.  What a small world!!!

What is this????

SO i believe i have lost my mind……..yes i have just created a BLOG???? Wow the things i will do for my Canine companions!!!!!

Here she is…… first blog all about my life, all about my dogs, well my life is dogs so we are one in the same!!!! I’ll get this right, just give me some time!!