Frank Fugly CGC THD HOT

Frank Fugly CGC THD


Breed: Pug

Color: Fawn

DOB: 2009

Titles: CGC, THD Therapy dog with Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs

Discipline: Animal Assisted Therapy Dog

Fugly is an affectionate pug who was turned over to the rescue and rehabilitated for 8 months due to his leash re-activity issues. Frank now thinks hes a big dog and loves to swim, hike with the shepherds, search for cadaver and use his calm sweet personality to work with the students at the therapeutic boarding school I work at. He is a one of a kind pug, or actually a German Shepherd Dog trapped in a pug body!!

P1010233 P1010239DSC07310 DSC07328 DSC07352 franky face franky go franky open mouth franky sitting

Frank and Kaze

Frank and Kaze





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