Happy Tails and Sold Dogs

Happy tails is a place to share just that…..tails of happiness! Whether its happy clients, or happy adoptions, we do it all at EIK9 Training and are proud of who we help. We are not here to just help dogs, we help humans too! (and of course a rabbit, bird, or anything else that needs us)

A small list of those currently serving and working, or adopted and living the posh life,  thanks to EIK9.

Jael (Luca) a German Shepherd Dog is currently a patrol and narcotics canine for the New York State Police.

luca  jael


Sirus a German Shepherd Dog, currently in training for IPO and PSA, This is one stellar dog, and we are so happy that Christine Ramhaus the breeder of our Edgar and Frithuric von Ramhaus owns this boy. Cannot wait to see great things from him!
















Keegan a Golden Retriever, is currently in training to be a dual purpose airscent and human remains detection dog with Amigo SAR Dogs.


Prince a black lab, is serving the United Nations as a bomb detection dog.

Casey a white German Shepherd Dog, is a dual purpose airscent and human remains detection dog with New Jersey Search and Rescue and New York as well as IPWDA HRD certified.  Kasey’s eval and pre training really showed him to have a hell of a nose, and we knew he would be very successful at SAR.


Otto a German Shepherd Dog is a certified dual purpose airscent and human remains detection dog with Amigo SAR Dogs.


In memory of Felix a German Shepherd Dog who was killed by a car while in training to be a dual purpose airscent and human remains detection dog with Amigo SAR Dogs.

DSC03568 DSC03870

Sold Dogs

Aslan       SOLD     Staying at EIK9T for addition CGC and service dog training and then being placed with his handler for continued service and PP work.  We are so happy we get to keep this special man close to us!

Aslan 14 weeks

Aslan 14 weeks

Aslan was born April 7th and is just a little over 3 months old. Aslan has been started in basic obedience (verbal commands in german for sit, down, heel, stay, come, crate and jump) He has also been clicker conditioned and loves to offer behaviors to reinforce. Scent work has been started (no specific scent) and he has a solid reward system developing. He has good prey and retrieve drives and his counter is great when doing puppy bitework. He is good off lead, loves to range and hunt but comes back when called. Good with other dogs, kids and cats. Crate and house trained. Rides well in the car and clean in the crate.

Aslan would excel at almost anything, he has nice defense that can be brought out even at his age, he is bold and confident but a very level headed Mali. A mixture of KNPV lines, working lines (ot Vitosha) and a bit of show line. He is not over the top crazy, he can settle nicely in the house but he turns on in a second.

Mothers Dam  http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/belgian_malinois/dog.html?id=1591577-barbie-bonanza

Mothers Sire http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/belgian_malinois/dog.html?id=563396-alexander-badger-man

Pups Sire http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/belgian_malinois/dog.html?id=1284612-uncommon-valor-vom-leatherneck

Zanna            SOLD      Serving western PA as a police K9


Zanna is a 5 and a half month old solid black GSD. She has been started in basic rag/tug work, has a great ball and tug drive and is suitable for a police, sport, or personnel protection home only. This girl is 100% house and crate trained and has her basic obedience in both hand signals and verbal German commands for sit, down, and stay. We are working on heel and retrieve exercises as well. Her hunt drive is off the charts and scent work is great. She is a very smart, and in tune to her handler type of girl. No fear very social is good with other dogs big and small and indifferent to cats. Good with kids and all people. Very small boned and agile female. AKC papers available.

ADOPTED- The following dogs have been adopted thanks to Life Long TailsHagen- 8 week old German Shepherd/Husky/mix

Hagen (2) Hagen (3) Hagen (1)













Hagen is currently being fostered in a home with other dogs, cats, and kids. He is a sweet boy who is learning house and crate training. Hagen will be microchipped, wormed, treated for fleas and heartworms and have his age appropriate shots. His adoption fee is $250 with $50 refunded with proof of neuter at 6 months. He is a sweet boy and we are learning more about him everyday. Please fill out the application below if interested and email to us.


A 2 year old pit bull

Sweet Fender needs a home to call his own! This boy is crate and house trained. He loves people, gets along fine with other dogs and cats and is very obedient. He has tons of energy and loves to play ball and go hiking. He would be a wonderful active companion for a family! Please fill out our adoption application if interested in adopting Fender.


amelia (6)

This sweet papillion/ rat terrier mix is up for adoption. Amelia is about a year old and is a very social butterfly. She loves everyone she meets, is learning to play with other dogs and enjoys being around them, is quite in the kennel and the house (ratties are known barkers) is crate and house trained and we are teaching her the basics in obedience while she is with us. Amelia would make a wonderful addition to any home, she is learning to be food motivated and loves to perform little tricks like dancing on her hind legs. Please think about adopting this wonderful girl today and give her the fulfilling life she deserves.


A 10 year old Chihuahua

A 10 year old Chihuahua

Charlie the Chi is a young man and has a full life left to live! Please don’t overlook this boy because he is 10. Charlie would love a great retirement home to call his own. Charlie is 100% house and crate trained and can be left out all day long with no accidents. He is great with other dogs, cats, and older kids. He was recently at the vet and had a dental, all his bloodwork is normal and he is a healthy boy. He loves to go for walks or just cuddle on the couch. This sweet boy REALLY wants a home to call his own for the rest of his life. PLEASE think about giving it to him!!!

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