Jenn has trained thousands of dogs in just the last decade alone and nothing speaks volumes like customer and client feedback.
The quality of Jenn’s work with dogs (and their families) is only surpassed by the heart and soul she puts into everything she does. From my own experience, Jenn helped us manage and cope with the difficulty of losing our own dog. In the process, she has helped us become better pet owners by teaching us not only about animal behavior, but human behavior. Her knowledge has been a most useful resource, as she never misses an opportunity to explain to you what she is seeing in a dog, why it might be happening, and how to best handle it.I would, without question, highly recommend Jenn and Elite Instinct K9 Training to any dog owner who wants a well rounded, highly educated, and experienced trainer; She will work tirelessly to ensure the highest quality training (or any of the many other services she offers) for your dog, and in the process you will realize she has helped you, as well!

-Elisabeth and Pat

April 4, 2015

Jennifer was very knowledgeable in all areas of training. She helped us with leash aggression and commands. Our dog Andy was very aware of her presence from the very moment she entered our house. It was quite amazing to see how he respected and listened to her. I would highly recommend her for any training needs.

Diane R.


Dear Jen,

Just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful training on Saturday! I really appreciated all of your energy, insight, and interest in all of the dogs and all of us dog parents as well. I learned a bunch and wanted to share how much I really enjoyed the whole program. I took a very long and very cold walk today on a trail near my house with Guinness, and spent the whole time working with him on the command “Come!” (which he knows, but generally takes his sweet time responding to). I have to say—maybe it’s just increased confidence on my part—or just “getting it” that he needs more constant positive reinforcement (i.e. treats!) when he’s tuned in to me—but I really do think that he was much more responsive than I’ve ever seen him.

Allynwood is very lucky to have you—and your dog pack!—on their team. And mostly, those kids in the Dog Corp are very lucky to have this program.

Thanks again and hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Mary Jo


Just wanted to thank you so much for taking care of Sam. He did not even seem to mind. He came back happy and tired. You may go down as my hero. I think I have become so attach to him that there is no way I can give him away.  Thank You soooo much. You really could be a dog whisperer.



For those asking Buddy’s awesome dog trainer is Jen Culver Elite Instinct K9 Training. Buddy did great today as we had her come back to work with Buddy with Jonah.



I have been training obedience and schutzhund sport for over 25 years and for the last 6 months have trained weekly with Jenn and have found her to be one of the most passionate and dedicated trainers I have ever had the chance to work with. Her innate understanding of a dog’s temperament  is second nature to her. She has an easy way with the dogs that is very reassuring to the dogs and they feel safe with her leadership. She also has a touch with people that allows them to achieve their goals with their dogs in ways they didn’t think possible. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Jenn for whatever you dog needs, from behavior correction to competition obedience. I cannot recommend Jenn highly enough..

Pat K.


Jenn is hands down one of the best dog trainers/breeders in NY. I have been amazed by her training techniques and drive to certify and learn more about her dogs.Jenn  handles/ trains her own dogs.  I purchased a puppy  for SAR work from her in 2014. At the age of 3.5 months old my puppy was doing full finds/indications/refinds without much training. These lines make fantastic working dogs.  My puppy is  completely ready for her operational NYFEDSAR cert at 9 months old. She can’t test until 18 months old. If you want a serious trainer or dog breeder this is the place to go.

Kara S.


Jenn helped my husband and me in dealing with and managing our aggressive dog, and eventually helped us in coping with the loss of him. After that, Jenn never lost touch, checking in with us to see how we were doing and even inviting us to watch a Search and Rescue training with her team (to this day one of the coolest, most impressive things I’ve ever witnessed).
What we didn’t realize was that Jenn would not only help us in dealing with the early loss of our pet, but she would help us become better dog owners. She has taught us everything from animal behavior to human behavior, how to effectively communicate with our canine companions, and how to lead a happy, balanced life with them.
What impresses me about Jenn is not only her professionalism when meeting with clients, but her energy, passion and knowledge for dogs and helping others. Jenn spent countless hours with us offering us advice, pointing out to us what she was seeing in our dog and why it was happening, and what we could do to modify the behavior. Jenn takes a genuine, caring interest in the dogs she trains and the families she helps. I simply cannot put a price tag on what Jenn has done for my family (2-legged and 4-legged).
If you are noticing issues in your dog, or are just interested in learning more about dog behavior (and in turn human behavior), I would not hesitate in the slightest to recommend Jenn to anyone and everyone. Don’t bother looking anywhere else – the quality of her service is unrivaled!!

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