Kamikaze Whirlwind CGC IBBMA-Bed Bug Dog HOT

Kamikaze Whirlwind CGC IBBMA-Bed Bug Dog HOT

kaizy face

Kamikaze whirlwind

Breed: Silky Terrier

Color: Black and gold

DOB: August 2012

Titles: CGC (Canine Good Citizen) IBBMA Certified Bed Bug Dog

Discipline: Animal Assisted Therapy and Bed Bug Detection

Kaze is the newest pack member and is a spitfire who gives the big dogs a run for their money. This girl runs laps around fugly who is her best friend but can be found hiking with Raina or hanging on the couch with Abby chewing a bone. Kaze never stops and i don’t think she has an off button. Kaze is a special project of sorts and right now we are working on her attention, drive training, and developing a reward system so she can find her “job” here in the copilot pack. You will find her hanging with the kids and accompanying them to classes or counselling sessions at the therapeutic boarding school i work at. She is a natural therapy dog and is really coming out of her shell. Stay tuned for good things with this girl.

franky bite kaizy kaizy mid run (1) kaizy mid run (2)CHAT Seminar-13

Frank and Kaze

Frank and Kaze


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