Annastasia Luna CGC THD HOT


anna bulletvest

Breed: Pitbull, lab, beagle and chow mix

Color: Black and Tan

DOB: March 2005

Titles: CGC Canine Good Citizen, THD Therapy Dog through Bright and Beautiful therapy dogs, Handler Owner Trained.

Discipline: Animal Assisted Therapy

Anna is the sweetest girl and the best natural pack leader you could ever meet. This girl has been around thousands of dogs and her and Snoopy my beagle ran a pack of dogs anywhere from 10-24 large. Anna loves everyone and everything she meets, she has the perfect body language and is calm, cool, and collected. Anna was rescued from a 1 bedroom apartment in Binghamton NY that had 14 dogs, 5 cats and 2 iguanas. Anna has helped train many dogs in our home, was trained in bed bug detection, and in her old age is now working in animal assisted therapy at the local boarding school i work at. Anna will chase a ball as long as her hips allow and when not out with the kids can be found cuddling on the couch with Max or teaching the new dogs to “not mess with the best”  Anna is my all american mutt dog that can NEVER be replaced.






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