Group Classes

me teaching raina to class

Teaching my Dog Training class at the Family Foundation School


Canine group classes are offered sporadically depending on need and the season. Group classes are NOT conducive to teaching the owner or the dog anything of value until MUCH later in the training, however the imprint for puppies of engagement and working around in a busy environment is essential if you plan on trialing or working in real life situations. Please keep in mind that it is difficult to expect a puppy or adolescent dog to concentrate and learn to sit or lay down in such a distracting environment when they haven’t even mastered it in the calm normal quietness of their own home. We start all our training classes with at least 1 or more lessons working on focus and engagement, as this is the step that is missed when I watch dog/handler teams work. Training should NOT be frustrating for owner or dog, it should be fun and contain energy and drive!!

I do offer handler training classes on a variety of subjects as well as have a year long curriculum that I taught at a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens for years. If your school or program is interested in adding in a dog curriculum please let me know! I am also very supportive of workshops for dogs and pups of any age where we work on specific tasks, how to read our dogs body language, or how to communicate and imprint obedience into our puppies.

New classes are always added so please check back soon. I’m always interested in what my clients what to learn and am open to developing new classes and curriculum so please contact me and let me know what you would like to see offered!!!


Human Classes

Canine Copilot lift off class– Our premier “dogless” course where you learn the basics of good canine communication.  Our initial learning theory course, handouts will be provided. Discounts  for attendee’s who sign up this day for private classes.

60 minute class.  Minimum 5    Maximum 20    Cost   $25

The Unseated Canine– A “dogless” course for the owners who have hard to handle and aggressive out of control dogs. We will focus on calming behaviors and establish general pack rules. This course will be open to anyone even if your dogs do not have issues. It is a great learning theory course for the difficult dogs. Handouts and personal feedback provided. Discounts for attendee’s who sign up this day for private classes.

120 minute class.  Minimum 4      Maximum 12       Cost $50


Group Classes

Pup work– A “group” class with puppies from 8 weeks to 8 months with a focus on communicating and imprinting our puppies focus and obedience work. You will not be teaching your puppies anything but to focus on you, and how to lure and shape obedience, however I will be teaching YOU how to properly introduce foundation obedience work at home. This 1 hour class is jam packed with knowledge for you and good socialization for your pup. This runs 1 hour a week for 4 straight weeks. Feel free to record just ask permission first!

Cumulative 4 hours         Minimum of 4        Maximum of 12            Cost $200


Family obedience- A basic starter class for fido to learn some manners and control. We cover loose leash walking, sit, down, stay, come, and focus work on the handler. I always stress in group classes, especially a dogs first, that they are very distracted! Do not get discouraged. Our first few lessons are engagement and focus work and getting the dog to choose you over the environment. Once a foundation is laid the rest is easy!!!! This runs 1 hour a week for 6 weeks.

Cumulative 6 hours         Minimum of 4        Maximum of 12            Cost $199


Engagement and drive- This is our first recommended adult course in our competition series of classes. Whether you are working your dog in AKC obedience, Agility, Schutzhund or PSA, SAR, police, security, or other detection work this class is for you. For dogs 8 months and older. We teach you to work your dog in drive, and engaged with the handler not the environment. All working dogs need a good solid foundation of what is expected of them before precision obedience can be started. Our philosophy is to bring the dog up to its highest drive point, and cap it there, teaching self control through positive, motivational, and food/toy reward.  This runs 1 hour a week for 6 weeks.

Cumulative 6 hours         Minimum of 4        Maximum of 12            Cost $299


Open Distraction/Proofing Class– Our out of the box class, offering a trial like environment to work on proofing your routines and obedience. No actual curriculum taught, this is self paced and is a drop in pay per week class. Practice your focus, obedience routines, and proof your retrieves in a busy, loud, chaotic type environment with commands flying all around from other owners and dogs being rewarded! All dogs MUST be on leash as this is NOT a socialization class.

Drop in as needed          No Minimum            No Maximum                Cost $25


BH Prep- Trying to get prepared for a BH or PSA-PDC and the like? This is the class for you! Whether you need more practice outside of club time, or you just want to get your dog titled for fun. All ages/breeds welcome.  We will teach you the whole routine from start to finish and take you through steps to get the engagement, focus, and drive needed to pass and have fun with your dog while doing it! Also covers work on the temperament portion of the BH and handouts to help the handler memorize what it is you need to do! Class runs 1 hour a week for 6 weeks.

Cumulative 6 hours         Minimum of 4        Maximum of 12            Cost $299



The nose needs a job– An introduction course to scent work with your dog. Initial 20 minute overview and set up prior to hands on work.  A fun happy way to amuse and play scent games.

1 canine per handler 3 hour workshop.       Minimum 4           Maximum 8            Cost $125


Canine Good Citizen– A pre test workshop to brush up on your skills. Includes review of all parts of the test as well as group run through to help prepare.

2 hours long with testing at end limit 1 canine per handler.        Minimum 4           Maximum 10         Cost $125 *includes test

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