Raising the working puppy/dog

Jennifer recieving an AKC Grant check at a local dog show 2013. Abby and Annecy pictured with her

Jennifer receiving an AKC Grant check at a local dog show 2013. Abby and Annecy pictured with her

Over the years I have moved from pet dog training to developing the skill of future handlers and owners of working dogs. My biggest joy comes from watching the dogs i have raised since birth go out and search, bringing closure to a family. While most your training and learning comes from your Search team, or your IPO club, working dogs and puppies need certain rules and behaviors in place to succeed in the working world. I have raised and trained numerous puppies and dogs of all ages and prepped them for work with myself or other handlers. In order for a dog and handler team to succeed, the owner must have knowledge of not only dog training, but how to read his specific working dog. The dog itself must have the basics including a solid reward system, work ethic, and proper body conditioning as well as good strong genetics as a background. While i cannot manipulate the dogs genetic makeup, i can ensure that we play on his strengths and improve his weaknesses to make him the best possible working dog, and you the best possible handler.

Pleas contact me for more information. After an initial consult we will set up a training program for yourself and the pup or dog. This may include board in train in my home, private obedience lessons, or lessons set up and tailored to the job you wish your dog to perform.

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