Board and Train

elvis sit


EIK9 offers an array of board and train options depending on your needs. For most dogs and owners the problems need to be solved together as a team but i have run across the occasional need to have some one on one time to evaluate and rehabilitate a canine before starting the team training. Most my board and train experience comes from the last decade of running a dog rescue and the hundreds of dogs who have come into and out of my home. The structure and clear consistency that occurs in my home and training environment is what the dog needs to understand he can have a trusting relationship with a handler. Please contact me for more information if you are interested in this program. It is on a case by case basis and is only available when i am not traveling.


2 thoughts on “Board and Train

  1. i have a 6-7 month old Husky mix who is aggressive sometimes with me if i try to put him in his crate.He is getting better with children outside of my home <like at the bus stop. still guards me if someone approaches and growls . i take him to PetSmart in Vestal for his vet care and they gave me your name and website info . please i need help with my Apollo.

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