The Dogs



~The most important piece of us, is my dogs, who have my heart.

You can tell a lot about a person by meeting their dog, and you can tell a lot about me as a trainer by the accomplishments of my partners!

The following pages will give you a brief glimpse into what *we* have achieved together, my canine copilots and I. While I have worked with many clients, fixed hundreds of dogs, evaluated and set training programs for hundreds more, bred, trained and placed dogs in the state police, county police, search and rescue, sport, protection, and performance homes all up and down the east cost what I am most proud of is MY dogs.


Our pack currently consists of (All HOT dogs Handler Owner Trained) Please visit their own pages to see accomplishments and more information.

Annastasia Luna CGC THD HOT- Pit bull mix

Annecy vom Kugelblitz CGC HOT- Belgian Malinois

Annika vom Kugelblitz CGC BHOT- German Shepherd Dog

Charchens Mama’s Broken Heart HOT- Pug

B-A Diva von Roodhaus CGC TT HOT- German Shepherd Dog (SAR K9)

Frank Fugly CGC THD HOT- Pug

Kamikaze Whirlwind CGC Certifed Bed Bug Dog HOT- Silky Terrier

Land of Oz Mia- Dutch Shepherd (SAR K9)

SAR Certified Abigail New York State of Mind vom Franzosen Wald THD CGC SAR-W HOT

SAR Certified Emeline Down Easter Alexa vom Schutzberg CGC SAR-W IPWDA Cert HOT

SAR Certified Maxwell Bisington CGC HOT

SAR Certified Raina Uptown Girl vom Franzosen Wald CGC BH SAR-W IPWDA Cert HOT

SAR Certified SG Edgar von Ramhaus CGC BH TT AD SAR-W SD IPO1 IPWDA Cert HOT

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