Private Training

Private Classes

raina sit work

We currently have 3 flagship programs to meet our clients needs for in home private training.

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Private Lessons


60 Day Problem Solver              30 Day Canine CoPilot                30 Day Perfect Puppy


Initial 90 minute in home           Initial 90 minute in home          Initial 120 minute in home

7 hours of private                          3 hours of private                         2 hours of private

Advanced on leash cues             Advanced on leash cues                Basic on leash cues

Unlimited lifetime support         Unlimited lifetime support        Unlimited lifetime support

Anxiety, reactivity, and other

Common problem behaviors

$1295                                                     $695                                                 $495



Unlimited group class                      2 free group classes                        1 free group class

AKC CGC Title                                     AKC CGC Title                                AKC STAR Puppy Title


All included in above price! We do have payment plans available.


Already completed some training and looking for something specific? We have a plan for that too!!

Keep it simple packages for the dogs who have some training and need focus in specific areas

5 weekly on demand private 60 minute lessons $499

10 weekly on demand private 60 minutes lessons $899

15 weekly on demand private 60 minute lessons $1249

All prices reflect training at our facility. We do offer making these in home + $20 a session if local (more if out of our 20 mile radius) as well as handler free for + $35 a session (meaning we come get the dog, do the training, and drop them back off, the dog still gets 1 hour of training we do not count our travel time with the dog) we can alter and tailor any package to you and your dog (s)!!!!!


All prices are subject to change and full payment is required when we start our first session. Our in home training area encompasses 30 miles from Catskill NY,  extra fee’s will be charged for travel outside our area at 0.55 a mile. Please contact for a quote and availability. Discounts given to K9 to 5 Rescue adoptee’s and other canines adopted from local shelters/rescues.

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