D litter vom Kugelblitz

We are pleased to announce we welcomed 6 puppies from our D litter February 12, 2016. 4 males and 2 females. 1 solid black male 3 sable males, 1 sable female and 1 black and tan female. Most the litter was reserved before it was born but we may have 1 male available.

Dad is our very own Handler Owner Trained Soren. After acquiring Soren at 8 weeks old from a great breeder and good friend we started his career in both IPO and SAR. By 3 years old Soren and I had earned a multitude of titles as well as being a certified Cadaver K9 working numerous cases with me. Soren also known as

SG Edgar von Ramhaus CGC TT SAR-W RN IPO 3 KKL IPWDA HRD K9  hips and elbows A1 through German SV. DM free



Dam is Diva a wonderful black and tan female trained, handled, and certified by the students at Allynwood Academy under my tutelage. Diva also has her CGC, TT and AD. Very sweet and loving, she adores everyone she meets, and spent extensive amounts of time in a animal assisted therapy role at the school. She has very high hunt drive and off the charts prey. Very stable with solid nerves.

B-A-Diva von Roodhaus CGC TT AD Airscent and HRD K9 Hips good, elbows normal DM clear and Dentition normal through OFA

dc and dogs-4



Our first litter has multiple SAR K9’s, Obedience and rally titles already on many, 1 narcotics and protection K9, and multiple family companions. We love the steady solid nerves in this combination and the sweet nature these pups have.

Pups $1500 Limited AKC till titled and proof of hd/ed clear. 2 year health guarantee. Lifetime breeder support.

We will be repeating this litter one more time so please contact us if you wish to be put on the waiting list.

Saturday SAR training

We took a break from puppy play and socialization this morning to attend our team Eagle Valley search dogs team training and took K9 Abby K9 Annika and K9 Emeline in tow.


K9 Abby got to refine her skills and worked a few nice areas, even at 8 years old this girl still navigates,puts the miles on and searches like the genetic champ she is. 


K9 Annika Abby’s niece worked a very nice area search problem, with little breeze and only a scent pool to work out.

And lastly K9 Emeline rocked her trail and found her subject!

In a few weeks we have a local training coming up in Sullivan County, come on down and check out the dogs, meet the members, and get lost!

Meer Zoey!

Having done animal rescue for going on 14 years, it’s essentially in my blood to help. After leaving the Southern Tier area in 2011 and relocating Life Long Tails the 501c3 not for profit and one of the first of its kind in the area broke apart and I continued dog rescue on a small scale. Having now relocated to the greater NYC area and having a focus on working dogs and aggressive dogs K9 to 5 Rescue Inc was incorporated in 2014 by me, and we are happy to say will be growing in 2015!!! In the meantime we will continue to do the rescue work we can, and always have done.

I’d like to introduce Ms Zoey, a sweet 8 year old shitz tzu who was going to be euthanized for loose stoole. Yes….I’m not kidding.

Luckily we stepped in and that is no longer the case.

If interested in volunteering or helping to get K9 to 5 Rescue Inc underway please email us! K9to5rescue@gmail.com

We are looking for the following
-foster homes
-logo design
– Web design



Times have changed, don’t stay stuck in the past

I get a lot of phone calls everyday, sometimes its easy, new puppy, owners want basic obedience class.

Some times its a nightmare. Dog has attacked and injured 3 people. Dog guards food, dog attacks other dogs.

They want answers, they want reassurance, they want the dog fixed before i even see him. I’m not a miracle worker, and i wont compromise my ethics either. I train dogs, i manipulate dog behavior to achieve a desired outcome, and I systemically desensitize dogs with issues. I rehab, i retrain, and i work with them to correct behavior, and i’m not talking about the dog most the time, i’m talking about the owner.

We live in a world were you don’t house train your dog by rubbing his nose in the pee, you don’t stop him from jumping on the counters by hitting him with a newspaper (all your teaching him then is that newspapers are bad) and you don’t get obedience by yanking the choke collar and lead till they sit.


I can’t tell you my way is faster, i can’t promise its the best, but i can ASSURE you that it will be based on mutual trust, respect and clear communication. I want a dog who enjoys being with me, I don’t want a dog who is scared of a newspaper. I want to invest time and energy in my relationship with my dogs, I don’t want a quick and dirty fix.

What do you want?


The newest Eagle Valley SAR Dogs recruit from vom Kugelblitz Kennels

April of 2014 K9 Raina of EV Search Dogs gave birth to 7 puppies bound for great things. So far 14 months later, i have yet to be disappointed. vom Kugelblitz “A” litter has 4 puppies currently in SAR, 2 in dual purpose police homes and 1 in an AKC obedience home. K9 Annika is maroon girl, and the runt of the litter that i kept back. This little girl had a ton of fight in her and when i thought we may loose her, and she pulled through i knew she had my heart.

Annika vom Kugelblitz CGC CA is in training for Airscent SAR and IPO. After taking a break over the last 8 months and focusing on obedience and tracking she is back at her airscent work and its like we never stopped. Once we solidify her complete find, refind sequence in which she locates her subject, comes back and finds me, barks repeatedly till told show me and then re finds her subject doing the whole sequence over and over till i am with the subject, we will start her testing! 2 of her littermates on Amigo SAR dogs have already passed 3 of the 5 certification tests, and Annika will be no different. I’m proud of all my SAR dogs, but what makes me even more proud of Annika is that i produced her, she is a product of my breeding, and like her mother, father, and all the other SAR dogs in the house she is handled, owned, and trained exclusively by me. This little girl just may be the one to carry on the vom Kugelblitz line.


Below is a short video clip of the locating, refind, and barking of Annikas Search sequence.




Part of the pack, Annika in the middle far back


Practicing down stays, getting ready for her BH


After earning her CA title. 3 nice lure coursing runs for this girl. So proud of her!

Last weeks fun trail!

Last week at Eagle Valley Search Dogs team training our one and only Miss Emeline got a nice practice trail down a mountain side, through a creek and swamp and happily found her subject!

The trail was laid around 930am and we let it age 6 hours with both human and dog contamination at the start, plus multiple cars driving over it in the beginning.

june 20 2015 eme trail

Our subject is the teal blue, and Eme and I is the purple. Working both many known and blind trails, plus many real trails i know that taking her straight down elevation like above is complicated and she works her butt off to sort out the drifting trail scent and  stay close to right on the trail. What i love about this, is you see a dog who truly works her scent, and works it well. She gives clear negatives, always re casts and picks up the trail again with clear body language signals that let me know if we are on, or in fringe as she sorts it out.


Trailing dogs are A TON of work, and require not only a lot of time and commitment, but a good backing of supporters to help lay trails, go out with you running through the woods at mach 10 speed in 80 degree heat and rain, and a genetically solid dog. Anyone looking to practice some wood navigating experience in and around the Middletown NY area let me know, as long as you are at the end of her trail with some ham or a ball you will have one insanely happy black shepherd in your lap!


vom Kugelblitz “B” litter has arrived

On June 11th and June 12th we welcomed 9 little bundles of joy!! Diva did amazing, and we are happy she whelped all 9 in perfect health, without loosing a single pup.

We have 2 males and 7 females. The females are solid black, black and tan, and sable. The males are black and tan and sable.

We are accepting deposits now, and have a few females available from this large litter. Please contact us today if interested.


Binghamton NY Obedience Classes Starting June 18th

May 2015 Graduating CGC Class

May 2015 Graduating CGC Class

The next session of classes starting June 18th and will run the following dates June 18th June 25th July 2nd July 16th July 23 and July 30th. We will be skipping the 9th as my IPO Club is hosting a large Trial and Show that weekend in Orange County NY.

Puppy Class- $150 covers engagement in public, and puppy luring with the basic commands Sit, Down, Stay, Heel, Place, Come plus handling and brushing and the AKC STAR Puppy Test at the end. Its a jammed pack session each week!

Adult Class- $200 covers AKC CGC, CGC A and CGC U prep, plus Rally O. This is the advanced adult class with dogs who already have CGC and need to work more distractions and less treat reinforcement AND for adult dogs ready to immerse themselves in 6 weeks of Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, Say hello, Basic position, and tons of engagement exercises to prep for the CGC.

Classes held at Otsinango Park in Binghamton NY. Puppy from 6:30-7:30 and Adult from 7:30-8:30

10% off for vom Kugelblitz dogs, dogs adopted from us and returning students!!!!!

My classes are like NON other you will find in the area. I am not only a Certified K9 Trainer but also a full time K9 handler, trainer and evaluator of Search and Rescue, Narcotics, Security and Bed Bug detection dogs, I teach owners and their dogs the same as handlers in the disciplines I work, which means you get focus, engagement, and reliability with your K9 companion! 90% of behavioral issues come from lack of communication and unclear rules, we emphasis Trust, Respect, and Communication above all else to gain 100% reliability in our dogs, and we treat yours no different!



Whats new at EIK9???

Well this year has been off to a great start, despite the horrible winter weather clinging in the air. By April the Canine Copilot Pack (how i affectionately refer to *my dogs*) had already had multiple accomplishments.

Soren (SG Edgar von Ramhaus CGC AD BH IPO2 SAR-W TT Certified IPWDA HRD Canine)

Accomplished his IPO1 with High IPO1 in Virginia

Accomplished his IPO2 with High Obedience in New York


Raina (Raina Uptown Girl vom Franzosen Wald CGC BH IPO1 SAR-W Certified IPWDA HRD K9 and Certified NYS Airscent and Water Recovery K9)

Accomplished her IPO1 with High IPO1 and High Protection in New York


Annika (Annika vom Kugelblitz CGC)

Accomplished her CGC


Abby (Abigail New York State of Mind vom Franzosen Wald CGC THD Certified NYS Airscent, HRD and Water Recovery K9 Bed Bug Detection K9)

Accomplished her National Bed Bug K9 Certification through IBBMA


Kaze (Kamikaze Whirlwind CGC Bed Bug Detection K9)

Accomplished her CGC

Accomplished her Nation Bed Bug K9 Certification through IBBMA


Annecy (Annecy vom Kugelblitz CGC BH AD)

Accomplished the first leg towards her RN

Accomplished her BH in New York

Accomplished her AD in New York


Diva (B A Diva von Roodhaus CGC AD TT IPWDA HRD K9)

Accomplished her AD in New York


and this is all before the end of April!!  So proud of the work my guys have put in, and how great they are with the dozens of clients, board and trains, lessons, and groups i balance while training them and working.


Soooooooo now that i’m done bragging, whats new for you guys???


After relocating to the Sullivan/Orange county area we are offering a whole array of training (groups and privates) plus weekly pack walks, pet sitting and so much more! Plus stay tuned for all the details and make sure to follow us on Facebook and our blog so you can keep up with all the new classes, workshops, and pack walks we will be scheduling. Happy training guys!