Times have changed, don’t stay stuck in the past

I get a lot of phone calls everyday, sometimes its easy, new puppy, owners want basic obedience class.

Some times its a nightmare. Dog has attacked and injured 3 people. Dog guards food, dog attacks other dogs.

They want answers, they want reassurance, they want the dog fixed before i even see him. I’m not a miracle worker, and i wont compromise my ethics either. I train dogs, i manipulate dog behavior to achieve a desired outcome, and I systemically desensitize dogs with issues. I rehab, i retrain, and i work with them to correct behavior, and i’m not talking about the dog most the time, i’m talking about the owner.

We live in a world were you don’t house train your dog by rubbing his nose in the pee, you don’t stop him from jumping on the counters by hitting him with a newspaper (all your teaching him then is that newspapers are bad) and you don’t get obedience by yanking the choke collar and lead till they sit.


I can’t tell you my way is faster, i can’t promise its the best, but i can ASSURE you that it will be based on mutual trust, respect and clear communication. I want a dog who enjoys being with me, I don’t want a dog who is scared of a newspaper. I want to invest time and energy in my relationship with my dogs, I don’t want a quick and dirty fix.

What do you want?


Binghamton NY Obedience Classes Starting June 18th

May 2015 Graduating CGC Class

May 2015 Graduating CGC Class

The next session of classes starting June 18th and will run the following dates June 18th June 25th July 2nd July 16th July 23 and July 30th. We will be skipping the 9th as my IPO Club is hosting a large Trial and Show that weekend in Orange County NY.

Puppy Class- $150 covers engagement in public, and puppy luring with the basic commands Sit, Down, Stay, Heel, Place, Come plus handling and brushing and the AKC STAR Puppy Test at the end. Its a jammed pack session each week!

Adult Class- $200 covers AKC CGC, CGC A and CGC U prep, plus Rally O. This is the advanced adult class with dogs who already have CGC and need to work more distractions and less treat reinforcement AND for adult dogs ready to immerse themselves in 6 weeks of Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, Say hello, Basic position, and tons of engagement exercises to prep for the CGC.

Classes held at Otsinango Park in Binghamton NY. Puppy from 6:30-7:30 and Adult from 7:30-8:30

10% off for vom Kugelblitz dogs, dogs adopted from us and returning students!!!!!

My classes are like NON other you will find in the area. I am not only a Certified K9 Trainer but also a full time K9 handler, trainer and evaluator of Search and Rescue, Narcotics, Security and Bed Bug detection dogs, I teach owners and their dogs the same as handlers in the disciplines I work, which means you get focus, engagement, and reliability with your K9 companion! 90% of behavioral issues come from lack of communication and unclear rules, we emphasis Trust, Respect, and Communication above all else to gain 100% reliability in our dogs, and we treat yours no different!



Allynwood Academy presents CHAT(c) Seminar

CHAT Seminar-13

Allynwood Academy hosted its first all day CHAT(c) Seminar last weekend and we had nine 2 legged visitors and four 4 legged visitors. Part of the canine copilot pack was there to help work with the 4 legged guests and they were able to meet and greet, and work with a few slightly reactive dogs. In the picture above Kaze is meeting Scooby a shy scared 8 month old Jack Russel. Scooby along with 3 of my pack Annastasia, Kaze, and Franky, worked together for almost an hour helping her emerge from her shell, sniff and play with other dogs and approach people more confidently.

The day passed quickly with a balance of power point presentations from Dr. Rita Argiros and Richard Reeve broken down by hands on attunement work with the owners and canines. I provided a free behavioral consult for each owner and dog and based on our feedback each one went home with a new ability to read and communicate!! Exactly what we strive for at EIK9 now being branched out and intertwined with some of the newest human and canine brain science and groundbreaking work of Dr. Beebe. Can’t wait for more of these workshops in 2014.

CHAT Seminar-15 CHAT Seminar-14 CHAT Seminar-10 CHAT Seminar-9 CHAT Seminar-7

Allynwood Academy Presents: The Theory and Practice of Canine Human Attunement Training/Therapy (CHAT®)

Allynwood Academy Presents:

The Theory and Practice of Canine Human Attunement Training/Therapy (CHAT®)
A one day seminar at Allynwood Academy, Hancock, New York
Saturday, November 23, 2013 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
RSVP: to Jennifer Culver by November 21th (jennifer.Culver@allynood.org)

Dr. Rita Argiros, Executive Program Director at Allynwod Academy and Founder and Program Director of CHAT®. Rita has crib memories of her first dog, Doc, and has never been without a dog. She is the oldest daughter of the founders of The Family Foundation School, now Allynwood Academy. She drafted the first program handbook in 1978 (a very primitive 12 page document). Rita studied sociology at Binghamton University receiving her PhD in 1992. She was an Associate Professor of Sociology at Saint Cloud State University in Minnesota from 1989 until returning to New York to take up her leadership role at what is now Allynwood Academy. She is currently Executive Program Director of the Allynwood programs. Her sociological perspective informs everything she does at Allynwood as she is no stranger to dialogic, dialectical and systems perspectives of all kinds. In Rita’s world, everything is always “in formation.” Rita started working with dogs and students in 2003. She is a certified SAR dog handler, fielding both search dogs trained to find live people and human remains detector dogs. She has had various leadership positions in the New York State Federation of Search and Rescue Teams including K-9 coordinator and vice-chairman. She is the president of Eagle Valley Search Dogs, a Search and Rescue team that has helped resolve a number of cold cases in New York and New Jersey. She has worked with the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the New York State Missing Persons Clearing House, the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, New York State Police and numerous county and local law enforcement agencies. Students in Dog Corp (a part of the CHAT program) almost always accompany her and the dogs on searches.

Mr. Richard Reeve, Head of School at Allynwood Academy and 5th year psychoanalytical candidate at The C.G. Jung Institute of New York, he is currently writing his thesis on early relational trauma, shame and addiction. Richard has been listening to Rita chew his ear off about her observations of the interactions between dogs and students and the changes she was seeing for several years. When he was introduced to the work of Dr. Beatrice Beebe and early relational trauma, he brought to Rita’s attention the parallels and correspondences between the discoveries made concerning human attunement and the most recent research on canine learning and cognition. The outcome of those discussions led to the creation CHAT®.

Jennifer Eckhardt, CPDT-KA, IACP, gifted canine behaviorist and the CHAT® program Training Director. Jennifer is the founder of Life Long Tails, a 501c3 non-profit animal rescue organization which she founded as a teenager. She has been training client’s dogs for the past 8 years and has been working with adolescents in her current capacity for the past two years. Jennifer is a member of Eagle Valley Search dogs and has certified 3 search and rescue dogs (live find, human remains detection, trailing and water recovery) and has two more in training. She is currently training a narcotics dog as well. She shares her home with 11 dogs of all ages and sizes. When Rita and Rick approached Jennifer with the idea that attunement might be the explanation for the patterns of healing we were all seeing in our students, her response was-“of course, it’s all about the relationship. This is exactly what I do.”

What is CHAT®?
CHAT® is Allynwood Academy’s unique program for adolescent and young adult dog enthusiasts. CHAT® stands for Canine Human Attunement Training/Therapy. CHAT® emerged out of more than 16 years combined experience and thousands of hours of practice with adults, adolescents and dogs of all breeds. It builds upon the best of current canine learning theory, human and canine brain science, and the groundbreaking work of Dr. Beebe et. al on mother-infant attachment and attunement. CHAT® coursework and experiential learning address a number of issues, particularly those related to trauma and addiction.

What you can expect
By the end of the seminar you will understand how and why developing properly attuned relationships with dogs can help address a variety of issues including many stemming from early relational trauma. AND, while it’s only one day, we think the seminar will help you improve your relationships with the dogs that share your life.


    • 8-9 Registration and Breakfast (anyone who brought a dog and didn’t fill out the pre-seminar questioner does so now)
    • 9AM-9:15 AM Introduction and Overview
    • 9:15-10:15 Introduction to Attunement and CHAT® theory
    • 10:15 Break
    • 10:30-Noon Crash Course in Canine Human Attunement
      • Dog-Human Meeting and Greeting (Interactive) We meet any dogs that you have brought with you one at a time and observe their behavior. The students and instructors discuss what they see.
      • Doggy Dialectics (Classroom) Dog body language: Is it a signal or an expression of feeling or both? Interweaving Turid Rugass, author of Calming Signals in Dogs, and Dr. Beatrice Beebe’s work in a way that helps participants really understand the interaction diagram.
      • Eyes (Interactive) The “gaze” is one of the most important parts of the experience of attunement. Participants do the “eyes” exercise with one or more dogs and then reports on what it felt like. Hopefully most participants will experience mid-range attunement. We will also discuss the “look-away” and the problem of the gaze for dogs and some humans.

    • 12 -1 Lunch
    • 12:30 -1 Lunch Speaker Rita Argiros on “Dogs R Us” What the research says about canine evolution, emotions and cognition and why it matters.
    • 1:15-2:00 Crash Course in Canine Attunement continued
      • Dog-Dog Meeting and Greeting. Participants and our students “read” dog-dog attunement. We put together (safe) dogs and watch them interact.

    • 2:00 Break
    • 2:15-2:45 Collar & Lead (Classroom) A presentation of something so mundane and every day. Walking a dog on lead and what it says about attunement style.
    • 2:45-3:30 Attention Regulation (Interactive) Everyone takes a dog on a walk. (outside or in the gym depending on the weather). Can people use what they have learned to have a sustained interaction with the dog?
    • 3:30 Break
    • 3:45-4:30 “Trust the Dog” (Demonstration) How often do you hear students say they don’t trust anyone. When you are doing scent work, you have to trust. Scent work as the ultimate communion between dog and human. You can’t smell what the dog is smelling. You have to rely totally upon their abilities.
  • 4:30 Closing remarks

So you want to be a search dog handler?

Abby indicating during a mock search

Abby indicating during a mock search

What are the first thoughts that come to mind as a search dog handler?

Sleepless nights
Pricker bushes
Never ending energy
And the ever filled pockets of hotdogs and tug toys
I could fill pages with stories and experiences both good and bad about being a SAR K9 handler but at the end of the day I love it and the relationship it gives me with my dogs. A million lessons already learned and a million more to follow. If interested in learning more about this life changing experience or to just meet some cool people, we always welcome visitors to hide and watch our dogs work. Check out our team websitewww.evdogs.org or contact Jenn EliteInstinctCanine@gmail.com

What we do at EIK9

Just a quick recap for those who do not know what we do at EIK9



Jenn is a certified dog trainer/behaviorist who offers private training in basic obedience, behavioral issues and group classes when beneficial  Mostly what Jenn can do is offer you a better understanding of how to live with your dog. Many of the clients i work with have no issues at all with there canine friends, they are just looking for an easier way to communicate and i can give that!

We also offer training in any of the following venues

Canine Search and Rescue- Airscent, Human Remains, and Trailing 




Developing a reward system for the working canine

Protection and bitework

Puppy raising for police canine, therapy work, and service dog

Therapy dog training and Canine Good Citizen work

Movie acting and tricks


EIK9 has raised, certified, and worked canines in all of the above and our knowledge comes from hands on experience over the past decade. Please don’t accept any trainer who claims they can teach your dog something they have never successfully trained their own dogs to do!!!!!!!


Contact us today, accepting new clients on a limited basis

Raina- working a HR problem

You can see the body language difference once she comes into the scent cone, and right near the end watch her huge head pop as she gets the scent right from the source versus the scent pool she had been working prior. The source was placed 4 days prior under 10 inches of snow and she was the only dog to have worked it. There was tons of contamination scent from people and dogs walking around there for the prior 4 days.

Supply Sunday- Our newest weekly post


Supply Sunday is our newest weekly post, and my goal in bringing you guys this post every week is to get some attention called to the new and old training tools on the market that we are using at Elite Instinct K9 Training. Having been graced with a very diverse population of canines through my home over the last decade I’ve had years of experience with almost every training and playing tool on the market. Of course holding true to our training philosophy, what you use and your results ultimately depend on the dog you are training.

Our dogs in the canine copilot pack, as well as the dogs we train at EIK9T are versatile in many different disciplines. You can expect equipment review (in an informal fashion of course) on any of the following training sports……

Search and Rescue– This includes for trailing dogs, airscent dogs, cadaver only dogs, and even an occasional debris or rubble tool.

Plain old fashioned boring obedience for pet dogs– Do not underestimate the power of the simple things in life, with the simple dogs. Yes we have mostly working dogs in our pack but Anna and Frank have a job too, and that’s to love people and just  be dogs.

Obedience for the working dog– Obviously every dog is different no matter what, but the tools i use on my pet dogs and the tools i use on the working dogs are a world apart

Schutzhund– Including but not limited to the 3 aspects of the sport encompassing obedience, tracking, and protection.

Agility– The obsticles, the rewards, and everything in between. We have a full outside set up of agility equipment on the grounds used mostly year round.

And of course we cannot leave out health and wellness products, or general pet ownership items too!! If there is a product you would like EIK9T to test out and review please comment below or email us at EliteInstinctCanine@gmail.com

(c) Canine copilot tested and handler approved!

A new year and a new page

2012 was a rough year, one of many ups and downs and I want to thank those who are my real friends, those who stood by me through it all and even if we didn’t see each other or talk much were still right there when i need you. I also had some amazing things happen in 2012 some things that have changed my life for the better, and that is Jenn looking at the glass half full for the first time in years.

With that being said, its a busy year and the list i have to accomplish is long. Bear with me as i get through the next 12-18 months. My goals are simple, to finish things i started, to live for myself and to make myself happy, to remember that I don’t have to worry about each day i only have to live it, and to appreciate what i have been given in life. soren back view

In the little free time i do have i will be taking on some new clients this year, but will selectively choose the more aggressive cases that i cannot pass on to other local trainers. The webpage was indeed outdated and i have created a new one which i’m in the process of finishing. Please take a moment to check it out and follow my blog posts on there. Delaware County New York has no idea what has hit them, and for right now this is where the Canine Copilot pack and I are staying.

First day of the fall semester

I teach a dog training class at The Family Foundation School, a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens, 3 days a week. This semester i have written all new curriculum and I have 15 students enrolled.  I also write for the blog linked to the Dog Corps. program there.   Below is the post written for the other blog.


Today was the first class day of the fall 2012 semester. We had 13 Dog Training students in class, ready and eager to learn! I always get excited about passing on my dog training knowledge to other people because i believe every person and every dog deserve to have the ultimate relationship, and i have the tools to do it!

It was orientation day, meet the book, meet the cirrculum, meet the dogs, and see what its like to enter the world of dog training. For me i know once i stepped foot into it i never looked back, and i can honestly say my recovery was successful because of the canine companions in my life.

So everyone got a small lesson in obedience commands, what they are (in the german language) how to give them, when to give them and they even got to practice with a few of the shepherds.

Charles working with Ripley

I explained the importance of having good focus, and how when working with high drive shepherds you need to control your situation and not allow any unsightly obbessions develop!

Teaching Raina to target without obessesing on the object she is targeting.