Com Fed 2010

Just got back from a 5 day com fed in Cauyga NY. Eme had tons of fun it was great! We arrived wednesday night and in preperation for 5 inches of rain thursday AM set up our tents inside a concrete floor pole barn. It was nice and dry and we called it tent city!!

Tent City!!

Thursday and Friday we had Brenda Aloff teaching K9 Learning Theory and K9 Working Behavior.  Brenda is an amazing women and Eme and I both learned a lot from her. She used us both days for demo’s and of course Eme was great and everyone was impressed by her!

Saturday brought an advanced cadaver course with Theresea Mcpherson who is a FEMA trainer and has been working  SAR dogs for years.  Eme worked a total of 9 hides including her first rubble pile, her first building, and worked on all different scent sources she had never been exposed to.  On the rubble pile she got burrs stuck to her anus poor girl but i got them off and she started working again after a minute.

Eme relaxing in her kennel after the rubble pile

A wonderful time had by all. Eme and her sister got to spend time together and play and work on obedience.  We made new friends and met new great dogs! Eme seemed happy not only with the work she got but being around other dogs and dog people who are a sucker for that face!

I missed you Icha!