Health, Wellness and Nutrition

299614_10152442686160038_1152352041_nJust as important as the training of your dog or puppy is his health and wellness, especially with all the controversy these days over diets, vaccinations, and general health care. How do you know what the right food is to feed your dog? Or what vaccinations or surgery procedures you should get at what age? How do you choose a good veterinarian that you can trust?

We offer free with every private training course a nutritional and wellness consult which is completely optional. My recommendations come from over a decade of dog ownership including hundreds of dogs rescued from puppy mills, high kill shelters, and dogs suffering from various medical ailments and conditions. I have successfully manipulated diet and drug treatment in many behavioral cases with favorable outcomes. What and how you feed your dog is just as important as your obedience training!!!! I also have 5 years and counting of working in a veterinary practice on a weekly basis and am privileged to have worked under some great veterinarians who have taught me well.

My dogs are fed a diet appropriate to their lifestyle, job, and health requirements. Some of my dogs are fed a Raw diet and others a high quality kibble. A raw diet is an amazing thing when provided correctly and monitored appropriately with bloodwork and other medical screening. Please understand that feeding a raw diet is not as simple as throwing some chicken legs and sweet potatoes in a bowl everyday. A canines digestive, immune system and body is a complicated and complex system which is completely individualized depending on the dog. My recommendations are mine alone and I do not force them on anyone, they are available if you wish.

We also will work with you and your dog and formulate a diet and training plan for weightloss, or in preparation for participation in K9 sports to build muscle and endurance. Please contact me for more information on this program and its costs

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