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Why dog training???

We say why not???

Isn’t a trained dog much more fun to live with and work with?      Sick and tired of always being embarrassed by your dogs behavior? This is why we train dogs!!!


Its easy, a way of life so to speak, we offer an effective way to communicate to the dog what we need and the ability to help YOU learn how to do what we do. Why not train your dog like the professional?

For us, its for the dogs. It’s for the loving gaze, panting breath, four hundred and fifty-fifth ball retrieve, scratch of the ears, wag of the tail, barking, spinning, rolling up side down in the grass, cuddling, life saving, drug searching, criminal case closing, protective, obedient, fun loving, work-a-holic relationship we have with our K9 partners.

For you, its for the relief, the ability to trust your dog, to include him on trips, to take him to play with friends, to reach the next level in agility training, to enter in your first IPO trial, to learn how to read when hes uncomfortable, or help ease his stress.

Dogs are blessing to have in our lives, and the  best thing that ever happened to humans. They teach us to live in the moment, love lots, and let go of what we cannot control. Lets make the most out of our relationship with them for as long as we can.

Must. love. dogs.

Jennifer Culver


Certified K9 Handler

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