• Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA)
  • Professional Member and Certified Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant- International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP)
  • AKC certified instructor- S.T.A.R puppy
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen, and Canine Good Citizen Advanced Evaluator
  • Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) Professional Member
  • C.L.A.S.S. Evaluator
  • Advanced Animal Rescue Technician
  • Pet First Aid and CPR Certified
  • Veterinary Technician
  • First Responder with Louisanna State Animal Response Team
  • First Responder with Muttshack Animal Rescue
  • First Responder with Petsmart Charities Relief Wagon
  • First Responder with United Animal Nations
  • President and Founder of Life Long Tails a 501© 3 established in 2002
  • Training Director for the CHAT (Canine Humane Attunement Training) at Allynwood Academy.
  • Treasurer and Certified K9 Handler for Eagle Valley Search Dogs
  • K9 Evaluator and Tester for the New York State Federation of Search and Rescue Teams
  • Secretary for the New York State Federation of Search and Rescue Teams 2014
  • Member of Orange County Schaeferhunde Klub
  • Certified K9 Handler for International Police Working Dog Association (IPWDA) in trailing and human remains detection
  • Served in multiple disasters all over the United States performing animal rescue including natural and man-made such as puppy mills, wild fires, hurricanes, and hoarding situations.
  • AAS in Accounting
  • AAS in Veterinary Technology
  • NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Wildlands certified
  • Human first aid and CPR certified
  • Wilderness first aid certified
  • Crime Scene Preservation certificate
  • DEA and NYS Narcotics Licensed
  • Dangerous and aggressive dog handling certified
  • NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Crew Boss certified
  • Member Protection Sports Association (PSA)
  • Member United Schutzhund Club of America (USCA)
  • Member of German Shepherd Dog Club of America (GSDCA)
  • NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Searcher I certified
  • Department of Homeland Security- FEMA Emergency Management Institute graduate.
  • Currently handles and trained 7 Search and Rescue K9’s
  • Currently handles and trained 4 certified therapy K9’s
  • Currently handles and trained 1 narcotics detection K9’s
  • Currently handles and trained 2 Bed Bug detection K9’s
  • Currently handles and trained 5 Security K9’s
  • Trained and handled K9 Raina who starred in the move Late Phases releasing in early 2014
  • Trained and handled K9 Soren who starred in Kill for Me releasing in 2016
  • Featured on Animal Planet Tv show Too Cute 2014
  • Currently competing in the sport of IPO
  • Currently competing in the sport of PSA
  • Has screened, trained, and placed working K9’s with the NYSP, County Sheriff’s in PA, United Nations, therapy and service dog homes, and local search and rescue agencies in NY and NJ.

I have spent more than a decade professionally training thousands of dogs of varying ages, breeds, sizes, and temperaments. The last ten years I have traveled the United States taking a multitude of training courses and lectures and presenting my own on varying topics. My goal in working with canines is to remember who they are and why they are on earth with us. I realized that anyone can OWN a canine, what I wanted was a Canine Copilot in my life. A dog that I could have a complete, understanding, mutual relationship with. A dog who I could read his body language like a book, and him mine. I do not own my dogs, and they do not own me, we are a group, a unit of living beings who function together in everything that we do.  This ability is what I want to give to other humans.

Give me any dog and I can train him to do what you want, now give me the owner and let me help them understand why we do what we do and why it makes fido see  a lot clearer!!!!! Human communication is an important key to helping rehab dogs and its not always easy to switch back and forth between talking dog and talking human.

I do not Whisper, I Translate.

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2 thoughts on “Trainers

  1. When I retire from teaching I would love to work with either service dogs or therapy dogs … I don’t know of a place to explore this idea in or around upstate New York … I obtained your website info from Kara, a friend of mine who is a dog trainer. I would like to learn as much as I can so that when I retire … I will be able to spend time with dogs and children … My two true loves!!!
    I would greatly appreciate any help or advice you could give me so that I head in the right direction.

    • Sharon,

      There are many schools and programs out there, but honestly the best way to learn is to observe, work with other professionals, and start training your own dogs. I spent years traveling the US learning from some of the best about dog body language, how to train, how to rescue and shelter, and evaluate dogs. Once i started hands on is when i really learned and was able to get feedback from those i worked with. You are welcome anytime to come check out our training and i can help locate good service or therapy dog programs in your area. I have 3 certified therapy dogs and i love doing visits with them!

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