SAR Certified Maxwell Bisington CGC

SAR Certified Maxwell Bisington CGC

handsome max


Breed: Belgian Malinois

Color: Fawn

DOB: 2007

Titles: Search and Rescue Certified Live Airscent, Building, Human Remains Detection.

Max is handled by my significant other and is one of the most relaxed and laid back Mal’s i have ever worked with. Max had some bad habits we worked out and for a Malinois he is really a calm laid back guy who when not working likes to sleep on the couch or hit on the “ladies” of the house. Of course like any Malinois his eyes do occasionally glaze over and you KNOW a Mal moment is about to impart on us.

the 3 amigosDSC_0312DSC_0818 DSC_7158  max head

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