Almost recovered

Eme gets her stiches out today and will be able to go back to full speed this week. She has been cooped up for the last 2 weeks and i know once she is released she will be crazy! The last few weeks she has done great, despite a lot of crate rest the first few days and only leash walks in the woods she is still well behaved and calm in the house. The despair in her eyes every time Raina and Abby have left the house and i’ve been dressed in my training clothes has melted my heart. Thank goodness its over and she better not hurt herself again!!

brotherly and sisterly love

A tough test

The last week has been very tough, an emotional rollar coaster of sorts for me and even for some of the dogs.  The most important thing as we made it through even stronger. Eme is currently recovering from surgery on her leg and her spay. She is very unhappy about her ecollar and her kennel time, and of course on our walks just wants to get off leash and play with a stick!

Everyone else is holding their own right now.  Raina has passed two of her 5 tests for certification, her first was an off trail test she took in Hancock last week and her second was yesterday and was 20 acre moving subject. She gave me 3 refinds barked until i said SHOW ME and passed with flying colors. I was able to practice my navigation in a real life setting which was great and had to work the area, read my dog, watch the wind, and navigate with precision.

The weather is getting nicer (when it doesnt rain that is) and the days longer. I look forward to more outside time with the pups but shorter blog posts 😦

The girl

Training, the soul of it all









I always tell my clients EVERY minute of everyday is a training opportunity. Dogs do not put training life “on paws” and only pay attention and learn when you want them to, everything you do, everything you say, and EVERYTHING you reinforce every minute is you training your dog. Make sure that you are always doing what you want reinforced in life or will find some very bad habits creeping up and you have no one to blame but yourself!

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