Wordless Wednesday


16 month old Soren working the helper


14 month old Soren working cadaver


K9 Soren and K9 Annecy hiking in Delaware County


K9 Raina on the set of her movie Late Phases


K9 Raina and I between scenes on set of Late Phases


K9 Abby and Puppy K9 Annecy receiving the AKC Grant for Eagle Valley SAR Dogs


v. Kugelblitz Kennels Annika 7 months working the helper


K9 Fortis playing ball

DSC_3767 (1)

K9 Abby playing after finding her subject


vom Kugelblitz Dogs clean house!

Last weekend under German Judge Babl we had a very  busy weekend trialing a total of 3 dogs plus! I am beyond pleased to announce

Raina achieved her IPO1 with High IPO1 and High Protection

Soren achieved his IPO2 with High Obedience

Annecy achieved her BH

and Annecy and Diva both achieved there AD

All dogs did amazing, i am still recovering, and i am very proud of my dogs. All dogs are HOT trained. 20150411_113745 20150411_113854 20150411_113033

Terrific Tip Tuesday

This weeks terrific tip Tuesday is all about food drive.

K9 Emeline learning to pop up on her hind legs using food lure

K9 Emeline learning to pop up on her hind legs using food lure

A food motivated dog is an easy and fun dog to train. I do not know anyone who would argue with that statement! Believe it or not a lot of “pet” dogs and clients that i work with are amazed at the food drive their canine has after a few short sessions. A dog has a natural drive to have food, if tapped into correctly this primary reinforcer can be used to teach the dogs all kinds of nifty things and your dog will love you for it! So can’t afford, or do not have the time to sign up for lessons?? That’s fine, check out these easy tips below to start your dog off on the right “food drive foot”

K9 Annecy learning the side stretch to keep her agile all with food lure

K9 Annecy learning the side stretch to keep her agile all with food lure










– Make him work for it! In other words, do not just slap a bowl of food on the ground. If you feed a kibble diet try out some of the nifty toys that dispense food.

Omega treat ball

Omega treat ball

Bob a lot

Bob a lot

Kong wobbler

Kong wobbler

These are made of solid plastic, and fairly indestructible, and teach fido to work for or “hunt” for his meal. A side benefit is it also mentally tires him on days you cannot spend time on multiple obedience lessons at home.

Once your pup is hunting a bit for his food while playing with these toys, you can also expand it by hiding hand fulls of kibble all around the house. Now is the perfect time to practice a down stay, first in the room you are in so he can see where you are hiding and learn to use his nose, then as you begin to proof your down stay in another room so the hunting is harder!

During your obedience sessions, teach the dog how to follow a food lure in your hand, and get him to go in different directions or offer different positions. This not only works his mind but keeps him engaged with the “flying treat hand”

The food drive world is full of endless possibilities, as is your training! If you are interested in learning more about bringing your dogs food drive out whether its for work or fun contact us today!!   EIK9Training@gmail.com or 607 624-7598

Jenn and the Canine Copilot Pack