Whats new at EIK9???

Well this year has been off to a great start, despite the horrible winter weather clinging in the air. By April the Canine Copilot Pack (how i affectionately refer to *my dogs*) had already had multiple accomplishments.

Soren (SG Edgar von Ramhaus CGC AD BH IPO2 SAR-W TT Certified IPWDA HRD Canine)

Accomplished his IPO1 with High IPO1 in Virginia

Accomplished his IPO2 with High Obedience in New York


Raina (Raina Uptown Girl vom Franzosen Wald CGC BH IPO1 SAR-W Certified IPWDA HRD K9 and Certified NYS Airscent and Water Recovery K9)

Accomplished her IPO1 with High IPO1 and High Protection in New York


Annika (Annika vom Kugelblitz CGC)

Accomplished her CGC


Abby (Abigail New York State of Mind vom Franzosen Wald CGC THD Certified NYS Airscent, HRD and Water Recovery K9 Bed Bug Detection K9)

Accomplished her National Bed Bug K9 Certification through IBBMA


Kaze (Kamikaze Whirlwind CGC Bed Bug Detection K9)

Accomplished her CGC

Accomplished her Nation Bed Bug K9 Certification through IBBMA


Annecy (Annecy vom Kugelblitz CGC BH AD)

Accomplished the first leg towards her RN

Accomplished her BH in New York

Accomplished her AD in New York


Diva (B A Diva von Roodhaus CGC AD TT IPWDA HRD K9)

Accomplished her AD in New York


and this is all before the end of April!!  So proud of the work my guys have put in, and how great they are with the dozens of clients, board and trains, lessons, and groups i balance while training them and working.


Soooooooo now that i’m done bragging, whats new for you guys???


After relocating to the Sullivan/Orange county area we are offering a whole array of training (groups and privates) plus weekly pack walks, pet sitting and so much more! Plus stay tuned for all the details and make sure to follow us on Facebook and our blog so you can keep up with all the new classes, workshops, and pack walks we will be scheduling. Happy training guys!

Wordless Wednesday


16 month old Soren working the helper


14 month old Soren working cadaver


K9 Soren and K9 Annecy hiking in Delaware County


K9 Raina on the set of her movie Late Phases


K9 Raina and I between scenes on set of Late Phases


K9 Abby and Puppy K9 Annecy receiving the AKC Grant for Eagle Valley SAR Dogs


v. Kugelblitz Kennels Annika 7 months working the helper


K9 Fortis playing ball

DSC_3767 (1)

K9 Abby playing after finding her subject


vom Kugelblitz Dogs clean house!

Last weekend under German Judge Babl we had a very  busy weekend trialing a total of 3 dogs plus! I am beyond pleased to announce

Raina achieved her IPO1 with High IPO1 and High Protection

Soren achieved his IPO2 with High Obedience

Annecy achieved her BH

and Annecy and Diva both achieved there AD

All dogs did amazing, i am still recovering, and i am very proud of my dogs. All dogs are HOT trained. 20150411_113745 20150411_113854 20150411_113033

Terrific Tip Tuesday

This weeks TTT we had a request to cover how to get a solid long down under distractions in normal everyday situations.

Annecy and Soren practicing "off"

Annecy and Soren practicing “off”

Now i want to make a distinction between a long down and what i like to call an “off” command. My dogs all have long downs, but they are trained to pass a BH long down or police dog OB test for SAR certification. These long downs are not the same commands you see my dog’s demonstrate while i’m working with aggressive dogs around them, or while Soren is in public with me working, or in restaurants, public places ect.

The reason i have TWO different “commands” and behaviors for these two VERY different situations is to maintain CONSISTENCY.

Most of my clients will now roll their eyes, because i stress consistency so much they hear it in their sleep!!!

Anywho, back to my “off” command.  This is the behavior and the command i pair with it. Listed below are MY requirements for an “off” command

-Must stay laying down, hip changes, or position movement in the down are acceptable

– Eye contact with me is not necessary, the dog is essentially “off” of work and can watch the world around it.  Think of it as a little break, just in a specific position

-They must NOT react to what happens in the environment IE dropping items, screaming kids,  other dogs, people running. (This requires EXCELLENT impulse control and is taught separately then paired with the command in distraction filled environments to build high reinforcement.)

Get stated at home now, what are you waiting for!!!! and call to schedule a lesson today (607) 624-7598

Annecy’s obedience

I have finally buckled down and Annecy is back to her daily obedience sessions. We had mostly been doing shaping, and trick training to keep her Mali head busy.

In preparation for her BH our focus is on heeling, sit and down in motion and fronts. This is our first session below! Hope to see continued improvement.

You will also see Soren practicing his loose long down, i say loose because he is more on a place command then a platz command. I’m building duration and distraction without worrying about position.

An exert from the Allynwoof blog

jan work dogs-5

K9 Soren working with student Kaled

So why do we talk about fitness and back end awareness so much??? Well first off its vital to working dogs to have a clear understanding of where exactly that “other half” of them is! From obedience to rubble work, to navigation in dense woods having hind end awareness is vital to these working K9’s…….and its fun!!!

We use a combination of shaping and luring to capture the behaviors we want. Using a secondary reinforcer called a clicker we are able to mark the exact times and behaviors we like and then reward. When the students learn that they can manipulate behavior with a clicker and food, they begin to see how the world manipulates their behavior with a lot of the same reinforcers!!!!!!!!!!

jan work dogs-8

K9 Annecy working with student Ian

In these pictures you see the canines targeting the bucket with their front paws, this allows free movement of the hind end in a circular motion. They are taught to spin around both ways keeping both front paws on the “target” This is what gives them the awareness of the back end, while also reinforcing and teaching them to use their brain and “offer” behaviors to us!

jan work dogs-6

K9 Soren helping student David learn how to lure

jan work dogs

K9 Diva working with student Melissa

jan work dogs-2

If you have any questions please let us know! Jennifer.Culver@allynwood.org

By: Jennifer Culver

Training Director

Allynwood Academy presents CHAT(c) Seminar

CHAT Seminar-13

Allynwood Academy hosted its first all day CHAT(c) Seminar last weekend and we had nine 2 legged visitors and four 4 legged visitors. Part of the canine copilot pack was there to help work with the 4 legged guests and they were able to meet and greet, and work with a few slightly reactive dogs. In the picture above Kaze is meeting Scooby a shy scared 8 month old Jack Russel. Scooby along with 3 of my pack Annastasia, Kaze, and Franky, worked together for almost an hour helping her emerge from her shell, sniff and play with other dogs and approach people more confidently.

The day passed quickly with a balance of power point presentations from Dr. Rita Argiros and Richard Reeve broken down by hands on attunement work with the owners and canines. I provided a free behavioral consult for each owner and dog and based on our feedback each one went home with a new ability to read and communicate!! Exactly what we strive for at EIK9 now being branched out and intertwined with some of the newest human and canine brain science and groundbreaking work of Dr. Beebe. Can’t wait for more of these workshops in 2014.

CHAT Seminar-15 CHAT Seminar-14 CHAT Seminar-10 CHAT Seminar-9 CHAT Seminar-7