Reactive dogs- Every owners nightmare


8 out of 10 of my emails/calls regarding dog training revolves around re-activity of the dog towards either people, other dogs, or even inanimate objects.

So why are dog owners training in re-activity so often now??? (and yes do not pretend it just “magically happened”. we train crap into our dogs all the time we do not want. This is why i try to hammer in the point that you are ALWAYS reinforcing and training something when you are with your dog)

A big part of the reactive dog is a lack of time and patience.  EVERYTHING now a days are done with shortcuts, in a time crunch, and with little forethought.  This equals disaster when paired with owning a dog.

So how do you get a reactive dog under control?

Show him what you want!!!

I swear its as simple as establishing a relationship with respect (no this does not mean dominant the dog……..) reward the desired behavior, take it on the road and proof it all over so it generalizes, and communicate to the dog when he has done the wrong behavior when he should be offering the correct one. Time lapse with a GOOD knowledgeable trainer is anywhere from 4 weeks to 8 months.

All my knew clients with reactive dogs start out with focus exercises, connection exercises and self control exercises. If you don’t have a relationship with your dog, and you don’t have respect, how can you communicate effectively?

Next week we will talk about focus exercises and how to start them at home.

Please contact us today if you need help with your reactive pooch, the longer you wait the longer the process to get the relationship established and behaviors fixed. Call us now 1-856-624-3459