Terrific Tip Tuesday

This week’s 3T is a big one and something to keep in mind when working with your dog, working with clients and dogs if your a trainer yourself or even being in the vet, doggie day care, or dog walking industry.

Very often we get calls and emails for a multitude of issues, jumping, peeing in the house, biting the cat, biting people who walk by. The list could go on and on and on, and while i patiently listen to all the issues told, i quickly explain that these “issues” are just that, small parts of a large puzzle.

Many owners are confused when I explain yes, those issues will get fixed, however i am here to fix your relationship and your communication issues with your dog, because that is the root of the symptoms!


If you fix the basics, the symptoms are easily taken care of. A dog who once barked and bit people who walked by on the street no longer cares, a dog who couldn’t travel in a car because it broke the windows can now sit peacefully on a long car trip. Was the first thing we did get in the car and yell, scream, or feed cookies while driving?? Nope, we fixed the relationship first, instilling mutual respect, trust and clear communication….then we plugged away at clearly showing what behavior we want and what behavior we don’t want by communicating to the dog effectively in a language he understands.

Keep this in mind when looking at your dogs “issues” and look for a big picture! Call us for a fee phone consult today!


~No I do not Whisper, I Translate.

Supply Sunday


This weeks supply Sunday is a bit of my own invention that i use in the summer months.

Picked these up a few years ago, just a couple bucks each they are “cooling boards” that you freeze and use to keep food cold at picnics……or dogs cool in crates! I take 2 or 3 and place inside the zippered mat in part of there crate, so they can lay on it and cool down. Much less expensive and easier to use then the $40 cooling mats (which i also own and are not as good as this)


Get a few, you can find them online, at walmart or christmas tree shop. Let me know how you like it!







Terrific Tip Tuesday

This weeks TTT can be applied to everyone and anyone, regardless of age of handler, dog, breed ect.


I swear, these two words i repeat hundreds times to my clients but it is one of the most important tips i can EVER give. If you do not maintain consistency when training, how is your dog going to know what is right, what is wrong, and what to do?

As humans we can understand that events, items, relationships ect are related or interconnect to each other. We can reason, plan ahead and think. Dogs understand the here and now, they understand what is rewarded and what is corrected, and they understand what you have taught them. Sit means sit, “come over here and stop that” may also mean sit to a human, but it doesn’t mean anything to your dog! Keep it black and white and consistent, your dog will thank you for it!


Reactive dogs- Every owners nightmare


8 out of 10 of my emails/calls regarding dog training revolves around re-activity of the dog towards either people, other dogs, or even inanimate objects.

So why are dog owners training in re-activity so often now??? (and yes do not pretend it just “magically happened”. we train crap into our dogs all the time we do not want. This is why i try to hammer in the point that you are ALWAYS reinforcing and training something when you are with your dog)

A big part of the reactive dog is a lack of time and patience.  EVERYTHING now a days are done with shortcuts, in a time crunch, and with little forethought.  This equals disaster when paired with owning a dog.

So how do you get a reactive dog under control?

Show him what you want!!!

I swear its as simple as establishing a relationship with respect (no this does not mean dominant the dog……..) reward the desired behavior, take it on the road and proof it all over so it generalizes, and communicate to the dog when he has done the wrong behavior when he should be offering the correct one. Time lapse with a GOOD knowledgeable trainer is anywhere from 4 weeks to 8 months.

All my knew clients with reactive dogs start out with focus exercises, connection exercises and self control exercises. If you don’t have a relationship with your dog, and you don’t have respect, how can you communicate effectively?

Next week we will talk about focus exercises and how to start them at home.

Please contact us today if you need help with your reactive pooch, the longer you wait the longer the process to get the relationship established and behaviors fixed. Call us now 1-856-624-3459

Honesty is the best policy, but don’t expect to find it most places

I met a puppy the other week, i meet a lot of puppies i guess so that in and of itself isn’t surprising. However what really threw me was that this puppy was from a “breeder”  and “trainer” (and i use these terms OH so loosely) of german shepherds in the southern tier area.

Now let me say i have met, and know of a lot of good breeders, and have huge respect for those that know their lines, title and work their dogs, and breed stable nerved pups matched with the best home possible.

HOWEVER- i have seen to many puppy buyers duped by your average Joe pretending to know how to breed and train dogs, and the family and puppy always pay the price.

This puppy has numerous medical conditions, comes from a line of back yard bred dogs but  being sold as “working german shepherds” and the parents have no hip or elbow xrays or clearances because the “breeder” gives a long story of how its a waste of money and puppies can have it anyway so why bother.

The puppy came out of the car and immediately barked at everything, and everyone with hackles raised, backing up. Ok….well….maybe some work and she’ll be ok? Over the next hour I worked my dogs, but kept an eye on the 4 month old pup. I watched her work, tried to get her to want to interact with me with hot dogs, and while i saw a slight improvement, for the amount of time and hot dogs i had every new position i went in, or object that crept up started the panic all over again. Sadly the nerve strength on this pup was a touch above some of the worst rescue mutts i’ve gotten in. The good news??? Oh i’m sure the litter will be repeated…………..


If your going to spend the time, money, and want to add a purebred dog to your family, regardless of breed, PLEASE do your research! I’m always available to look at litters,  help people pick a breeder or pup that suits their family, or just talk over the basics the breeder, sire and dam, and pups should have health and training wise. Remember your bringing this dog home for the next 15 years, don’t rush into it. I love the dogs i breed, they are amazing, but they are not for everyone and in fact are not for 80% of people i meet. That’s ok, everyone is different and every litter bred matches its family and future job.  All dogs have weaknesses and downfalls, we breed to improve, if your breeder cannot state their dogs weaknesses or the areas they are breeding to improve do not walk away, run very very quickly.

Terrific Tip Tuesday



Todays TTT is all about puppies!!!!

We do a lot of foundation work with clients and I consistently see one big area for improvement when bringing your new puppy home.

Prepare prepare prepare!!!!

I cannot stress enough, you bring home a clean slate the day you walk in with your new dog or puppy, make sure you have a plan in place, the time to execute that plan, and the skills and knowledge or help during this important part of your journey. The first few weeks in your home set the tone for the next 15 or 20 years with your dog, PLAN PLAN PLAN! Keep things consistent right from the start, do not allow or encourage that which you do not want your dog doing in 7 years and remember you are always training when you are with your dog, behavior is not static it is always changing!


Getting a new puppy?? Want to do things right?? Contact us today, we can get you prepped and ready and be on standby with lifetime training support for all those “what do i do now” questions and of course get you in those important puppy foundation classes.  1-856-624-EIK9  or email us! EIK9Training@gmail.com

Dog Aggression IS Predictable

This is a WONDERFUL article by Stanley Coren PhD. As one of the few people in the area that offers behavioral consulting including dog and human aggression rehab, I get to see the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to dogs.


While a lot of work is done with high drive social shepherds and malinois, i frequently have clients come down to work on dog/dog aggression and dog/human aggression. The kids of Allynwood Academy CHAT become an active part in these ill mannered pooches rehab, while learning to control their own emotions in high stress situations.

Prevention is the best medicine, please find a trainer today and work out a training plan for your pooch, even if he is just a home pet! And stay tuned for the students work with Casey a 14 month old German Shepherd that will be visiting the school today to work with the students of Allynwood CHAT, Casey has sever dog and human aggression but has come a long way in her training over the past 8 months. We know the kids, and dogs will learn an important lesson today while helping Casey to heal.

Training Director- Allynwood Academy CHAT

Jennifer Culver


Terrific Tip Tuesday

This weeks TTT we had a request to cover how to get a solid long down under distractions in normal everyday situations.

Annecy and Soren practicing "off"

Annecy and Soren practicing “off”

Now i want to make a distinction between a long down and what i like to call an “off” command. My dogs all have long downs, but they are trained to pass a BH long down or police dog OB test for SAR certification. These long downs are not the same commands you see my dog’s demonstrate while i’m working with aggressive dogs around them, or while Soren is in public with me working, or in restaurants, public places ect.

The reason i have TWO different “commands” and behaviors for these two VERY different situations is to maintain CONSISTENCY.

Most of my clients will now roll their eyes, because i stress consistency so much they hear it in their sleep!!!

Anywho, back to my “off” command.  This is the behavior and the command i pair with it. Listed below are MY requirements for an “off” command

-Must stay laying down, hip changes, or position movement in the down are acceptable

– Eye contact with me is not necessary, the dog is essentially “off” of work and can watch the world around it.  Think of it as a little break, just in a specific position

-They must NOT react to what happens in the environment IE dropping items, screaming kids,  other dogs, people running. (This requires EXCELLENT impulse control and is taught separately then paired with the command in distraction filled environments to build high reinforcement.)

Get stated at home now, what are you waiting for!!!! and call to schedule a lesson today (607) 624-7598

Supply Sunday

This weeks Supply Sunday post we are going to do a review on one of the cheapest training tools i use. You can nab one of these at your local Home Depot, or Lowes, or even Walmart.

Treat and toy pouch

Treat and toy pouch

This handy treat and ball holder costs about a dollar, is easy to adjust to anyone (so you can pass it off while training) and is washable. 

I always have one of these in my truck and training room, and find that i use it a lot more then regular, smaller, more expensive treat pouches. 

Grab one today, tell me what you think!!!!!

Terrific Tip Tuesday

This weeks terrific tip Tuesday is all about food drive.

K9 Emeline learning to pop up on her hind legs using food lure

K9 Emeline learning to pop up on her hind legs using food lure

A food motivated dog is an easy and fun dog to train. I do not know anyone who would argue with that statement! Believe it or not a lot of “pet” dogs and clients that i work with are amazed at the food drive their canine has after a few short sessions. A dog has a natural drive to have food, if tapped into correctly this primary reinforcer can be used to teach the dogs all kinds of nifty things and your dog will love you for it! So can’t afford, or do not have the time to sign up for lessons?? That’s fine, check out these easy tips below to start your dog off on the right “food drive foot”

K9 Annecy learning the side stretch to keep her agile all with food lure

K9 Annecy learning the side stretch to keep her agile all with food lure










– Make him work for it! In other words, do not just slap a bowl of food on the ground. If you feed a kibble diet try out some of the nifty toys that dispense food.

Omega treat ball

Omega treat ball

Bob a lot

Bob a lot

Kong wobbler

Kong wobbler

These are made of solid plastic, and fairly indestructible, and teach fido to work for or “hunt” for his meal. A side benefit is it also mentally tires him on days you cannot spend time on multiple obedience lessons at home.

Once your pup is hunting a bit for his food while playing with these toys, you can also expand it by hiding hand fulls of kibble all around the house. Now is the perfect time to practice a down stay, first in the room you are in so he can see where you are hiding and learn to use his nose, then as you begin to proof your down stay in another room so the hunting is harder!

During your obedience sessions, teach the dog how to follow a food lure in your hand, and get him to go in different directions or offer different positions. This not only works his mind but keeps him engaged with the “flying treat hand”

The food drive world is full of endless possibilities, as is your training! If you are interested in learning more about bringing your dogs food drive out whether its for work or fun contact us today!!   EIK9Training@gmail.com or 607 624-7598

Jenn and the Canine Copilot Pack