Terrific Tip Tuesday

This weeks TTT we had a request to cover how to get a solid long down under distractions in normal everyday situations.

Annecy and Soren practicing "off"

Annecy and Soren practicing “off”

Now i want to make a distinction between a long down and what i like to call an “off” command. My dogs all have long downs, but they are trained to pass a BH long down or police dog OB test for SAR certification. These long downs are not the same commands you see my dog’s demonstrate while i’m working with aggressive dogs around them, or while Soren is in public with me working, or in restaurants, public places ect.

The reason i have TWO different “commands” and behaviors for these two VERY different situations is to maintain CONSISTENCY.

Most of my clients will now roll their eyes, because i stress consistency so much they hear it in their sleep!!!

Anywho, back to my “off” command.  This is the behavior and the command i pair with it. Listed below are MY requirements for an “off” command

-Must stay laying down, hip changes, or position movement in the down are acceptable

– Eye contact with me is not necessary, the dog is essentially “off” of work and can watch the world around it.  Think of it as a little break, just in a specific position

-They must NOT react to what happens in the environment IE dropping items, screaming kids,  other dogs, people running. (This requires EXCELLENT impulse control and is taught separately then paired with the command in distraction filled environments to build high reinforcement.)

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