I’m a tractor girl!!!

SO with  the addition of the kabota tractor to our “expensive toys” last year i have finally decided to make it work for me and my dogs!!! We are clearing and brush hogging the top of the land (which is about as level as our land gets in one area) for my agility course. Its a good hike up the path to get to it but its nice to not have it in the backyard where all t he other dogs bark and freak out. I was up yesterday with k learning to drive and pull stumps out with the tractor.

I must admit you never would have known i was a city girl a few short years ago!!!

yeeeeee hawwwww

Behind and to the left is the main area of t he agility, we will also have up another path a huge debris pile for working and hopefully down the road a bit in time a pond at the bottom of our property for swimming.  And of course we have camping and a range for the human counterparts 🙂 Look forward to a nice camping k9 party!!

Training day

Saturday was a great team training in high falls at karens house. It was hot out, about 92 in the shade and over 100 in the sun with crazy humidity. I put the boys out in the two search areas that would be worked and almost had an asthma attack on the way back to the house!! I ran maya’s trail with her handler (maya is Emeline’s mom!) and felt as though i had just stepped out of a pool fully clothed. I worked another area with a k9 and handler and then finally settled down in the house for a bit. It was a great day the dogs all did wonderful, worked some toy drive with bo and worked on his recall a little. We took all the dogs down to the “slide” and swimming hole after we were all done and it was great! Eme continued to jump in time and time again and swim without touching, she of course cried bloody murder before doing it but she still had the balls to do it!


It is just so nice back on the rocks and in the water!! This is a shot of the rock area with the “slide” and me and eme sitting on the edge after she had jumped in and swam to me!

The swimming hole!

The good the bad and the fugly

Many people ask about my dogs, all the different stories on how we got them why we have them and what role they play in my life. Mr Fugly is our pug he is a fawn boy a bit over a year old. He was turned over to the rescue as a puppy and fit in so well to our pack we couldn’t let him go. When children ask what his name is its frank (men in black people men in black come on its a wonderful move!)    but in reality my husband named him Fugly. Now he is a cute boy but fugly non the less. His main role is to keep us all laughing, he also participates on all off leash hiking and comes back normally when called! Once he has matured a bit more we hope to have him therapy certified to join our ever growing team of therapy dogs. Fugly has a great toy drive and will play ball or tug all day long. He loves everyone he meets canine, feline, feathered or human!!

I tell ya

It is way harder to keep up with a blog then you would think! I just have so much to do everyday there is NO time at night to write about it. Well the last few weeks have been very busy, working 6 plus days a week is good money but shitty free time.

So eme has been progressing nicely. We work tug and retrieve daily as well as hikes almost every day. We went swimming and trained tuesday at the “unofficial” dog park. She worked 3 short run aways including one where Pat was hiding in a tree! She worked very good, played tug with her toy afterward and made me proud!

Bo has been working on his play drive. We will most likely break out the HRD next week depending on how he does.  He goes crazy for the tug rag and will play and engage for awhile. He will also search it out if i throw it and hide it in the backyard. He will search for a minute or more till he has sniffed it out! Now of course i hope we can transition that to other places and keep the toy high on his list!

Valentine is doing well, pissed as hell at me for still being in a crate but oh well. Olive is getting older by the minute and it kills me. We are changing her meds around in hopes that it will help her hips but we are in a downward spiral and i must come to grips with it.

Team training saturday, will hopefully have a post and pictures up after!