The good the bad and the fugly

Many people ask about my dogs, all the different stories on how we got them why we have them and what role they play in my life. Mr Fugly is our pug he is a fawn boy a bit over a year old. He was turned over to the rescue as a puppy and fit in so well to our pack we couldn’t let him go. When children ask what his name is its frank (men in black people men in black come on its a wonderful move!)    but in reality my husband named him Fugly. Now he is a cute boy but fugly non the less. His main role is to keep us all laughing, he also participates on all off leash hiking and comes back normally when called! Once he has matured a bit more we hope to have him therapy certified to join our ever growing team of therapy dogs. Fugly has a great toy drive and will play ball or tug all day long. He loves everyone he meets canine, feline, feathered or human!!

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