Valentine’s Day post surgery

Today will be day 3 that valentine has been home with us. It’s already been a rough road. Val thinks she is FINE and doesn’t understand why mom and dad have her crated 24 hours a day, why she has to walk with the sling under her ass end and a tight 2 foot leash. She pulls like a bull outside when walking and you have to stress your back to keep her next to you and walking slow. She FINALLY pooped this morning, that was 2 days with no pooping because she couldn’t stand going on the leash and sling!!!!! Wow she is just as stubborn as her father.  Carrying her outside 4 times a day is a little rough too. I’m just happy shes ok though. I stocked up on some anti lick strips that smell horrid which she licks over and over again just to shake her head and snort……..they didn’t give bulldogs a lot of brains huh?

Post surgery 3 days

So while i’m happy she is recovering from the surgery this is going to be a long sucky summer. Val just wants to go out  and run and hike with her siblings and she can’t.  I’m a paranoid crazy mom trying to keep her quite, keep her stiches in (which come out next week thank god) do her PT and hot packs and keep her away from the other dogs (cuz thats easy when we have anywhere from 11 to 15 in the house) The $4000 vet bill isn’t great either my poor bank account is always empty now!!!!! Well pictures to come once i get the energy to upload the camera, maybe tonight after night training.

The Scar

To swim or not to swim

Saturday brought about a nice day, warm, no rain, and my hubby home with me! So we pack up a few dogs (kendal the boxer and eme the GSD to be exact) to check out a swimming location i had spotted. The girls did great of course, the water was moving pretty swift so we kept leashes on them which i needed to drag eme out of the current once!!!! They took turns swimming in the water with us and up on the rocks sniffing around. It was pretty slippery but fun in the hot weather.

Kendal and Emeline

After a romp in the water and some drive building with Emeline in the water and on shore we hit up creature comforts and socialized both pups a bit, of course EVERYONE couldn’t believe how sweet, friendly, and well behaved they were. Little angles they can play can’t they!!!

Hike, swim, work, hike

Today was the first nice day off i had in what seemed like FOREVER!!!! I was so happy to have the sun out, even though it wasn’t really warm warm. I had a lot of stuff to get done today and cleaned out all the cars (lisa will be so proud) got all the stuff for my cat foster people together, picked up a new rescue dog, got him settled in a new foster family, hiked with kara and her pack, worked the dogs, came home went on a night hike and settled in for the evening.

Still taking things slow with eme of course we went down to the beaver damn in the woods by Kara’s mom’s house and brought Tonka the new rescue golden we have. Eme jumped right into in the huge pond after tonka and started swimming i was so proud of her! Then she hung out on the damn and played with sticks and the other dogs.

Once pat got there we worked Mika and Amy and then i did a little run away with eme. Hopefully i can post up some video soon. It was her second run away ever and i wanted it to be quick and kinda slow but she had other plans! Pat held her while i ran off with her toy, just before patty let her go she started barking like mad and took off full speed down, got about a foot past me eyes straight ahead and did a spin out when her nose led her back to me! She played like crazy for a few minutes and i was so proud of her searching, play drive and need to work!!! Thank you Quax and Maya she is a wonderful pup.

We had some dinner took the pups down to the beaver damn again then i headed home to play tug with olive, ball with anna and take eme, clark and kendal on a night hike. Gotta give every pup there time ya know?


We remember the sunny days of last month, the warm weather, the humidity and WE WANT IT BACK!!!!! There is nothing to do on a crazy cold rainy june day then go shopping (and get early birthday presents) and reminiscent through old pictures (last month of course being old) and remember the warm days of may. Kendal i think says it all in her body language.

1 week post injury

I week post injury and miss eme is actually doing pretty well! The crate rest is a bitch, and well mom is pretty bad at it i try instead to just hold the 30 pound puppy and keep her quite, hahaha doesn’t work well huh!! Yesterday we did some tugging in the backyard, nothing to hard she just sat in the same place and we worked on getting a nice good full grip. She is great she will not let go first and she loves her new squeeky bumper from elitek9! She is so full of energy., not going for a hike this last week has taken its toll on her. Shes so funny to because when i let her out of her crate she comes flying at my pants and attempts to rip them off she is so pissed off at me for being in her crate for so long! Another week or so and i hope that we can hit the ground running again.  She hates being separated from her brothers and sisters and just wants to puppy rough house!!!

My poor eme

My poor girl is going to Colonial tomorrow morning to meet with a Board certified Orthopedic surgeon to look at her right rear leg and tell me what he thinks. Fingers crossed we are not looking at major surgery, anterior cruciate ligament tear, or worse. I hope the xrays show nothing major and we just need to cage rest with meds for a few weeks. Of course keeping her quite is impossible the poor girl doesn’t understand why we are not hiking, swimming, training, and playing ball. I’m a seriously distraught mom. My girl