1 week post injury

I week post injury and miss eme is actually doing pretty well! The crate rest is a bitch, and well mom is pretty bad at it i try instead to just hold the 30 pound puppy and keep her quite, hahaha doesn’t work well huh!! Yesterday we did some tugging in the backyard, nothing to hard she just sat in the same place and we worked on getting a nice good full grip. She is great she will not let go first and she loves her new squeeky bumper from elitek9! She is so full of energy., not going for a hike this last week has taken its toll on her. Shes so funny to because when i let her out of her crate she comes flying at my pants and attempts to rip them off she is so pissed off at me for being in her crate for so long! Another week or so and i hope that we can hit the ground running again.  She hates being separated from her brothers and sisters and just wants to puppy rough house!!!

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