Wordless Wednesday

Theme for this weeks wordless Wednesday is the canines working with FEMA instructor Jennifer Massey on a debris pile in Utica NY

Abby making the find from the top


Raina bringing me back after making the find and indicating.



Raina working the pile

Jordis exploring the debris pile


The motivation for today

“Our job is the effort. The outcome is part of a larger plan, one that involves more than ourselves.”

Every morning i need to find the motivation for the day. Some days are easier than others and some days feel like a blessing while others like a curse. I will cherish the blessings and i will move forward from the curse ones and vow to make them better. I have so much to be thankful of and to cherish in my life, if i do not acknowledge that i am not doing it justice!

Terrific Tip Tuesday

Well it’s been awhile but i hope to stay back on the blog bandwagon!!!


This week’s terrific tip Tuesday is all about how to proof your stay.

REMEMBER you must train on THE DOG”S schedule not your own!! Just because your 9 month old pup has performed a down stay in your living room for 20 minutes while watching american idol doesn’t mean he can do a 30 second down stay in your local park. Do not put expectations on your dog that he cannot fulfill or else you are setting up to damage your relationship and happiness in working with you.

First make sure you change only ONE VARIABLE AT A TIME. Some of the biggest variables you have to change to proof your stay





Lets stick with those 4 for now. First off change your environment, do the back deck instead of the living room but make sure all you change is the environment and set your other requirements low. In other words make it a 10 second stay in a new environment instead of that 2 minute stay in the living room you had worked up to. Slowly work up to the two minutes in the new environment making sure you only move according to the dogs schedule IE what he is successful at 4 out of 5 times before you raise the criteria!!!

As you can see in the example above once he is fine in the new environment at 10 seconds you can start to change the length or “raise your criteria” in other ways for the stay. Take note however you are always working on only ONE thing at a time. Lets say in that session he has mastered a minute long down stay on the back deck (new environment) now take 2 steps away from him instead of standing right next to him  (get it????)

Your options in proofing are endless but take baby steps and make sure you are never raising criteria to high to quick. If you notice he breaks the stay more than once in a set of 5 back down the variable you were working on, stop bouncing the ball, or taking 15 steps away.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to email me if there is a specific thing you would like to see our Tuesday blog post on! EliteInstinctCanine@gmail.com

Urban Trail- Walton NY

Eme trailing

Our weekend team training took place in Walton with Amigo Search Dogs this week. Due to the hunting season we are forced to find an odd variety of places to train that are not the woods! Thanks to Amigo that was the Walton fairgrounds on Saturday  It was the first real cold training day of the season, so our goal was to stay warm and keep moving. Abby and Raina both worked some unique search scenario’s which helped us all use our heads!! Jordis, Sören’s sister, worked on  her airscent training in the new environment and searched barns and stables.  Amigo laid a trail for me around 1pm in the town for Eme to run once we were complete our other training. By 4pm we were heading out to what appeared to be a very busy Walton! Unbeknownst to us Saturday evening was the Walton town Christmas parade and the town was hopping!!! I was given my starting location and quickly set Eme to work in our pre-ritual trailing start. I walked her around the bank which was our LKP (Last known point) and let her take in the sights and smells and sounds of the Christmas carols being piped throughout all the streets!!!!

She indicated on the front door of the bank which i confirmed was where he touched and i began to cast her until we had a confirmed direction of travel. The number of people who had walked the same streets over the last 4 hours was overwhelming to me but she cut out all other scents, focused in on Dick’s (her subject) and went to work. We encountered a lot of windblown scent in the parking lot behind the bank and she cut against the building (where the scent was pooling and most likely stronger) but took all her turns perfect, giving me appropriate negatives once she had ruled out other directions. Near the end you see the other place our trail deviates from the subjects and that is the parking lot of the grocery store across the street from the McDonalds our subject was waiting in. Both parking lots had a lot of activity and a good open space where the 20MPH winds had worked the scent all over. She came out of both parking lots effortlessly working her way around speeding cars, people and dogs all around, and vendors setting up for the parade.

Red is our subject. Blue is Eme and I

What we give thanks for

Abby, Frank and Max

We give thanks for…….

A warm bed

A comfy couch to place our heads

The ability to do a job that we were bred to do

A wonderful breakfast and dinner every night

A truck that is designed specifically for us

A roof over our heads and a floor beneath our feet

The love, attention, and devotion of a mom and dad who love us very much!

Love the Canine Copilot Pack









❤    In loving memory of Scout and Titan

Flashback Friday


Abby in her platform sit stay


Jimmy and Kevin, more then Fugly bargained for!


Abby Raina and I last year with Santa


Jimmy and Max the malinois with a hat!




Emeline a November trail

The last few months have been crazy and the dogs have kept us busy!! Eme is progressing nicely with her trailing and this evening we ran one of her on team blind night trails. It was almost a mile in length and we had aged it 6 hours. I had no idea anything about the trail except that my subject was last seen at the chapel on campus. Eme hit on the door to the chapel and indicated to me he had touched it then proceeded to find his direction of travel. Her pace was fast and she banged each of her turns without overshooting anything. Her work in the dark was stellar and I could read her harness and line pressure perfectly despite her all black body being at the end of a 30 foot trailing line.

Red is subject blue is me and Emeline


Eme made that trail effortless. All i had to do was scent her, command her, and hang on!!! She rocked it, and I know her K9 mom Maya was smiling down on her trailing puppy tonight!