Whats new at EIK9???

Well this year has been off to a great start, despite the horrible winter weather clinging in the air. By April the Canine Copilot Pack (how i affectionately refer to *my dogs*) had already had multiple accomplishments.

Soren (SG Edgar von Ramhaus CGC AD BH IPO2 SAR-W TT Certified IPWDA HRD Canine)

Accomplished his IPO1 with High IPO1 in Virginia

Accomplished his IPO2 with High Obedience in New York


Raina (Raina Uptown Girl vom Franzosen Wald CGC BH IPO1 SAR-W Certified IPWDA HRD K9 and Certified NYS Airscent and Water Recovery K9)

Accomplished her IPO1 with High IPO1 and High Protection in New York


Annika (Annika vom Kugelblitz CGC)

Accomplished her CGC


Abby (Abigail New York State of Mind vom Franzosen Wald CGC THD Certified NYS Airscent, HRD and Water Recovery K9 Bed Bug Detection K9)

Accomplished her National Bed Bug K9 Certification through IBBMA


Kaze (Kamikaze Whirlwind CGC Bed Bug Detection K9)

Accomplished her CGC

Accomplished her Nation Bed Bug K9 Certification through IBBMA


Annecy (Annecy vom Kugelblitz CGC BH AD)

Accomplished the first leg towards her RN

Accomplished her BH in New York

Accomplished her AD in New York


Diva (B A Diva von Roodhaus CGC AD TT IPWDA HRD K9)

Accomplished her AD in New York


and this is all before the end of April!!  So proud of the work my guys have put in, and how great they are with the dozens of clients, board and trains, lessons, and groups i balance while training them and working.


Soooooooo now that i’m done bragging, whats new for you guys???


After relocating to the Sullivan/Orange county area we are offering a whole array of training (groups and privates) plus weekly pack walks, pet sitting and so much more! Plus stay tuned for all the details and make sure to follow us on Facebook and our blog so you can keep up with all the new classes, workshops, and pack walks we will be scheduling. Happy training guys!

Wordless Wednesday


16 month old Soren working the helper


14 month old Soren working cadaver


K9 Soren and K9 Annecy hiking in Delaware County


K9 Raina on the set of her movie Late Phases


K9 Raina and I between scenes on set of Late Phases


K9 Abby and Puppy K9 Annecy receiving the AKC Grant for Eagle Valley SAR Dogs


v. Kugelblitz Kennels Annika 7 months working the helper


K9 Fortis playing ball

DSC_3767 (1)

K9 Abby playing after finding her subject


vom Kugelblitz Dogs clean house!

Last weekend under German Judge Babl we had a very  busy weekend trialing a total of 3 dogs plus! I am beyond pleased to announce

Raina achieved her IPO1 with High IPO1 and High Protection

Soren achieved his IPO2 with High Obedience

Annecy achieved her BH

and Annecy and Diva both achieved there AD

All dogs did amazing, i am still recovering, and i am very proud of my dogs. All dogs are HOT trained. 20150411_113745 20150411_113854 20150411_113033

“A” Litter 9 months and going strong!!!

Enjoy some updated pics of our “A” litter vom Kugelblitz who are 9 months. I cannot believe the amazing things i have seen from this litter. Every breeder should be as happy as i am with not only the owners, but the accomplishments these pups are going for, and the success they are displaying. Yellow girl Allah has passed 3 of her 5 certification tests for Airscent SAR K9, her brother Artemis has passed 2 of the 5 also for Airscent SAR K9. Scotty, Red boy owned by his handler for NYSP enters the K9 academy next month, Annika maroon girl is progressing nicely in IPO and has already shown under german judge Helmut Konig for her puppy rating. Pink girl, Osa is training hard at Penn Vet Working Dog Center and green boy is polishing up his obedience and detection skills to certify as and HRD K9. Purple girl Athena is welcoming a new 2 legged sister into her home this year! Can’t wait to see what 6 more months bring!!!!

vom Kugelblitz is proud to announce our “A” litter of German Shepherds

Dam- Raina

Dam- Raina

Sire- Soren

Sire- Soren

Spring 2014 the “A” litter vom Kugelblitz (Due first week of April)

We are pleased to announce the breeding of Raina vom Franzosen Wald STAR CGC SAR-W DM clear, DNA certified, hips OFA good and Elbows Normal and Edgar von Ramhaus STAR CGC SD DM clear, DNA certified, hips and elbows SV a-normal a1

This litter has been highly anticipated and we have had a waiting list for pups for almost 2 years from Raina. This WGWL litter has a fantastic pedigree backing it and is 5-5 on Pike. Currently accepting deposits for 1 male and 1 female and a waiting list until litter size is known.  We already have 5 pups spoken for.

Edgar (Soren)  Pedigree includes Asko vd Lutter, Tom v Leefdaalhof, Yoschy, Aly, and he is 5-5 on Marc and 5-4 on Pike. Soren is actively training for IPO and will be going for his BH and IPO 1 this spring. His main job is HRD (cadaver) K9. He is also a therapy dog and my personal service dog. While defensive and strong in protection work, he can fly on airplanes next to total strangers and spend his days at a therapeutic boarding school for trouble kids as a therapy dog. Soren has also been on sheep and is a natural herder. He is the multipurpose GSD who can do it all.

Raina was the youngest certified search dog in NYS passing her last certification tests for live and human remains at 12 months old.  Raina is certified through New York State as well as International Police Working Dog Association (IPWDA) as an HRD K9. While Raina is social and friendly she also has a civil side to her and has strong defense that comes out while working protection. Raina will also trial for her BH this spring. Raina’s mother has had 2 litters which have 4 search dogs and 4 police canines.  Rainas pedigree includes dogs like Chicco von der Fasanerie, Aly vom Vordersteinwald, Pike von der Schafbachmühle, Marc vom Herkulesblick, Half vom Ruhbachtal, and Lord vom Gleisdreieck.  Raina has also filmed a movie which is in production at this time and will be released in 2014 called Late Phases.

This litter will produce very high drive, serious working dogs who will need a job to do daily. Both dogs bring nerve strength, high prey, biddablitity and defense. Both are very social and friendly to kids, adults, small dogs, and live in a pack of 10 dogs from 3 pounds to 80 pounds.


More pictures and video available upon request. Please visit our site for more information www.EIK9T.com and email with questions EIK9Training@gmail.com

Dam- Raina

Dam- Raina

Sire- Soren

Sire- Soren

Check out IMDB!

Ready to film aaaand action!

Ready to film aaaand action!

Well the filming has finished, and Raina had a ton of fun. It was a closed set so we don’t really have any pictures but that keeps the suspense for when the movie is finally released!! You can keep an eye on IMDB for updates and take note of the cast……Miss Raina is listed as playing “Shadow”.   Congrats girl i’m so proud of you!!! She is a perfect example of the breed that can do anything!!!

Below is the link to the site including Raina’s bio.

Raina IMDB Site 

April showers bring May…….quickly please???

Soren retrieving his ball

Soren retrieving his ball

The whirlwind of life never seems to stop, and between teaching  and running the Dog Corps. program at the Family Foundation School, working at the veterinary hospital, and training clients as my 3 jobs not to mention training my 7 dogs in Therapy work, Search and Rescue, IPO, and now movie acting. Plus running Life Long Tails Rescue and keeping up with the ever changing cycle of dogs and small animals in and out of foster its a wonder i remember to breath!

But there is no rest for the weary

April and May bring us the following

Emeline- At the end of the month Eme will take her IPWDA trailing test to certify as a Internationale police working dog association trailing K9. Eme has already proved herself running a few successful trails of run away students at the school i teach dog training at.

Raina- Is in the process of learning her role as a seeing eye/assistant dog for an upcoming film shooting next month. This is Raina’s first movie and she needs to learn 20 extra commands in addition to her basic obedience. Look for plenty of details and blog posts on this amazing opportunity for Raina and I, and of course the release of the movie in 2014.

Sören-  Has his first confirmation show for the SV coming up this summer as well as his AD which is a 12 mile endurance test. This is the start to his IPO work and we are laying the foundation now!

Abby- This old girl is maintaining her SAR and therapy work and in training for an article certification that will prove to help at searches and at home when you lose your keys playing soccer with the kids 😉

Fugly- With the successful completion of his CGC this boy is on his way to therapy certification. We are continuing his training and he works almost daily with the kids at the school accomplaning them to classes and therapy sessions and spending down time in the dorms.

Anna- Also completed her CGC and will be moving on to her therapy test. Anna is usually found at home keeping things running smooth but she loves to come down and visit with the kids and hang out with them.

Kaze- The newest addition to the copilot pack is a vivacious 10 month old silky terrier named kamikaze. This girl has a bright future as we are getting her basic training in place and developing her hunt drive and her reward system. Watch for what cool events this girl will be in next!

So as our crazy spring ensues please bear with us. If you need help we are currently accepting a limited number of new clients in the Sullivan, Delaware, and Broome county area. Please visit our site as it gets updated. http://www.EIK9T.com