“A” Litter 9 months and going strong!!!

Enjoy some updated pics of our “A” litter vom Kugelblitz who are 9 months. I cannot believe the amazing things i have seen from this litter. Every breeder should be as happy as i am with not only the owners, but the accomplishments these pups are going for, and the success they are displaying. Yellow girl Allah has passed 3 of her 5 certification tests for Airscent SAR K9, her brother Artemis has passed 2 of the 5 also for Airscent SAR K9. Scotty, Red boy owned by his handler for NYSP enters the K9 academy next month, Annika maroon girl is progressing nicely in IPO and has already shown under german judge Helmut Konig for her puppy rating. Pink girl, Osa is training hard at Penn Vet Working Dog Center and green boy is polishing up his obedience and detection skills to certify as and HRD K9. Purple girl Athena is welcoming a new 2 legged sister into her home this year! Can’t wait to see what 6 more months bring!!!!

NJ water weekend the visual story

A few pictures from our water weekend hosted by NJ SAR


Sören swimming out of the water, happy to have 4 on the floor.


Brother and sister (Sören and Jordis) take a break from socializing and play together on the dock ramp into the lake.


Abby on the boat and on the go for her first shore search of the day

Jimmy and Raina swimming back during a break in training

The weekend report

Typical weekend for the pack consists of some fun and play after some work. Sunday was no different and the girls all got what they needed! Raina worked some HR, making fast work of a problem that was set up 48 hours prior. The dog amazes me every time i see her work. I got lucky, really lucky that not only did i get an amazing genetic package with her (thanks to my team member Rita who bred Raina and her sister from a previous litter Abby) but i also have had years of dog related experiences in multiple facets to be able to raise her to be such an amazing working dog. You really cannot have a good canine search team without both the genetically appropriate dog and the knowledgeable trainer who knows how to work their dog to its fullest potential. Raina’s fullest potential was obvious when she was a certified airscent and HR dog at 12 months old, she has been ROCK SOLID ever since.

But i have digressed obviously, can’t help it 🙂

Emeline also ran a nice short, hot trail through a parking lot and around the school building with contamination everywhere. She did great, especially getting a direction of travel when casting her on the blacktop.

After we finished up the work we piled all 5 dogs in the truck and headed out to our swimming spots, first stopping off at the Delaware river section where its deep enough for the girls to really swim.

One going out, one coming in

Next we moved on to a more shallow inlet section where max and frank really got to enjoy it, as neither swims in deep water.

hanging out in the cool water


We finished up the day with obedience. The key to a well behaved dog is regular fun obedience sessions which we do daily.

Attention healing with happiness