D litter vom Kugelblitz

We are pleased to announce we welcomed 6 puppies from our D litter February 12, 2016. 4 males and 2 females. 1 solid black male 3 sable males, 1 sable female and 1 black and tan female. Most the litter was reserved before it was born but we may have 1 male available.

Dad is our very own Handler Owner Trained Soren. After acquiring Soren at 8 weeks old from a great breeder and good friend we started his career in both IPO and SAR. By 3 years old Soren and I had earned a multitude of titles as well as being a certified Cadaver K9 working numerous cases with me. Soren also known as

SG Edgar von Ramhaus CGC TT SAR-W RN IPO 3 KKL IPWDA HRD K9  hips and elbows A1 through German SV. DM free



Dam is Diva a wonderful black and tan female trained, handled, and certified by the students at Allynwood Academy under my tutelage. Diva also has her CGC, TT and AD. Very sweet and loving, she adores everyone she meets, and spent extensive amounts of time in a animal assisted therapy role at the school. She has very high hunt drive and off the charts prey. Very stable with solid nerves.

B-A-Diva von Roodhaus CGC TT AD Airscent and HRD K9 Hips good, elbows normal DM clear and Dentition normal through OFA

dc and dogs-4



Our first litter has multiple SAR K9’s, Obedience and rally titles already on many, 1 narcotics and protection K9, and multiple family companions. We love the steady solid nerves in this combination and the sweet nature these pups have.

Pups $1500 Limited AKC till titled and proof of hd/ed clear. 2 year health guarantee. Lifetime breeder support.

We will be repeating this litter one more time so please contact us if you wish to be put on the waiting list.

Flashback Friday





Some dogs and pup EIK9 evaluated at shelters, and had turned over to us and placed in working homes in 2013DSC_0059

Quattro the day after he arrived being evaluated by the students so we could find the right placement for him.


Quattro hanging with Allynwood Academy CHAT student Beth


Evaluating a dog at a shelter for potential work.

Annecy- The mali who is growing up!


At just a little over 4 months annecy is  developing nicely.  Currently in training for airscent SAR, narcotics detection and service work with a recently blooming conformation career I couldn’t ask for a more well rounded malinois. This girl really impresses me with her can do attitude and hunt drive.  She is definitely not the typical over drive, defensive, unstable malinois with no off switch we have seen a lot of lately.  This girl has a bright future ahead of her, and no I don’t believe EIK9T is starting a Mali breeding program!

The best of the beasts

Included below are just some quick pics of what we have been up to. As always the dogs are hard at work and so am I, with little time to spend sitting at a computer i try to keep this updated as often as i can!!  Please visit us on facebook as you will get to catch all our action on the go there   Elite Instinct K9 Training!!!!edited stuff (1 of 2) edited soren track (2 of 2) edited soren track (1 of 2)-2 edited soren track (1 of 2) raina swim (1 of 1) raina face (1 of 1) me helper (8 of 8) me helper (7 of 8) me helper (6 of 8) me helper (5 of 8) me helper (4 of 8) me helper (3 of 8) me helper (2 of 8) me helper (1 of 8) kevin raina (1 of 1) edited stuff (2 of 2)

A little obedience fun

Poor Soren has not been getting the prep he needs for his BH and obedience work lately. Our focus has been on tracking and the movie but yesterday we had his 3rd dumbbell session and brushed him up on some heeling, and position changes including turning left which is the hardest! He is learning where is ass end is and getting the hang of exactly where to be by my knee. All in all no complaints, especially with his retrieve already solid!

Zanna- 5 month old German Shepherd

Elite Instinct Canine Training Logo - Revision 222

Zanna is a 5 month old GSD from working lines for sale to a sport, police, or personal protection home. Zanna is a high drive girl with an excellent nose. The video below is my second time with this girl, my first working any obedience, drive building, or play with her. She is a green dog and will be worked daily in scentwork, bitework, and getting a solid reward system in place. Zanna has a good temperament is fine with kids, cats, and other dogs. Is crate and house trained and we are working on her basic obedience.

If interested please email EliteInstinctCanine@gmail.com or call 607 624-7598

Her sire is below


Her dam is below


DSC_0013 DSC_0017 DSC_0022 DSC_0025 DSC_0009 DSC_0010

AKC- How grants help K9 Search and Rescue

The AKC has a wonderful program called the Companion Animal Recovery service which offers grants to SAR groups every year. Eagle Valley SAR Dogs has been elected the last 2 years after I wrote grants to bring in different trainers to assist us in serving our community better. After each grant i made a video to demonstrate what it was we where able to achieve and both videos are on the AKC website. Please visit and see this wonderful program!

AKC Grants