AKC- How grants help K9 Search and Rescue

The AKC has a wonderful program called the Companion Animal Recovery service which offers grants to SAR groups every year. Eagle Valley SAR Dogs has been elected the last 2 years after I wrote grants to bring in different trainers to assist us in serving our community better. After each grant i made a video to demonstrate what it was we where able to achieve and both videos are on the AKC website. Please visit and see this wonderful program!

AKC Grants

A busy weekend for us all

Friday saturday and sunday brought the Petsmart adoption even where people get to meet and great all our wonderful animals and talk with volunteers about us and what we do.  Thanks to a grant from Greg Biffle the nascar driver we were able to order some great tshirts,  banner, new business cards, and other vital items to use at our fundraisers!!!










We managed to get some applications and do a few adoptions too! The ferrets where a hit and the dogs all did great. We were able to make some new friends and meet some potential new adopters!!










It was a wonderful weekend and we were able to help even more animals!! Thank you to the support from the community!!