Everyone looking like stars

As always the girls impress me when day after day i ask so much of them! Just a short video clip of last weekends fun time after of course a day of work. More updates to follow!



A busy weekend for us all

Friday saturday and sunday brought the Petsmart adoption even where people get to meet and great all our wonderful animals and talk with volunteers about us and what we do.  Thanks to a grant from Greg Biffle the nascar driver we were able to order some great tshirts,  banner, new business cards, and other vital items to use at our fundraisers!!!










We managed to get some applications and do a few adoptions too! The ferrets where a hit and the dogs all did great. We were able to make some new friends and meet some potential new adopters!!










It was a wonderful weekend and we were able to help even more animals!! Thank you to the support from the community!!