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Jennifer Eckhardt is a CPDT-KA certified trainer and is also recognized by the IACP as professional trainer and dog behaviorist. Who knew a better relationship with your dog was this close to home! Please call or email today.

Please bear with us as we revamp our webpage. It will be under construction for the next few months. 2013 is bringing us a fresh start!

http://www.EliteInstinctCanine.com   Please visit our old page until this one is fully updated.


Jenn and the Canine Copilot Pack

Nikon D80 learning trials

Well i can’t say im bad at taking pictures, i mean im no pro but i get some decent shots here and there with my cameras. The one thing that frustrates me more then anything though is taking 100 pictures and getting none that turn out!!! I feel like that happens with my D 80 especially the more i try to make setting changes to get better pictures. Im in the process of learning but i’m a perfectionist and i haven’t mastered this quick enough for my taste!!


So if anyone has some advice i would appreciate it! A few questions and picture examples below

Moving- not blurry but with the sun out white washed.


Just not as clear as i know it should be, i believe on macro setting zoomed pretty far in but i don’t know what i am doing wrong!!!


I feel like i can and should be able to get much better pictures, since i started playing around with modes like aperture priority and such i swear i’ve gotten worse pictures!! Grrrrr so frustrating. The main thing i shoot are dogs, usually moving, typically outside and with teenagers with them. I invite advice!!!!! EliteInstinctCanine@gmail.com

I am a wild one

Frank, Raina, Emeline, Abby

I have been absent for many months, but have no doubt the dogs have been busy!!! Life has thrown a few curve balls but I’ve managed to hit everyone, and i think i even scored a home run.

Many have thrown around the description “Tenacious”  lately to label my atheltic drives, stubborn bullheadedness, and desire to get what i want and need accomplished……….i guess it is a lot easier to say 🙂 Regardless i know who i am, and i am a perfect reflection of my canine companions, tenacious but still sweet and loving.

The year is 2012 and my goals remain the same, train dogs, save lives, and teach humans how to have the ultimate relationship with their canine companions through communication, consistency, and mutual respect. I hope your ready for a tenacious summer ❤

Home again and pack together

The last 2 weeks was the mandated vacation with the husband. AKA no dogs 😦 After cruising the carribean via the new Disney Dream cruise ship we spent a week in Walt Disney world enjoying some fun in the sun and time in the parks. It was a rough trip being away from everyone but they are all happy to be home with mom and dad again!! Back to the day to day grind!

Search for a new Logo

Well my artistic need is coming through…………a new logo is in the works!!! Thanks to some amazing pictures taken by my friend Amy (who is a professional photographer if you like her work let me know!!!) i am toying around with a few pictures as potentials for my logo. Let me know what you think is the best or what other ideas you have!!!