The newest Eagle Valley SAR Dogs recruit from vom Kugelblitz Kennels

April of 2014 K9 Raina of EV Search Dogs gave birth to 7 puppies bound for great things. So far 14 months later, i have yet to be disappointed. vom Kugelblitz “A” litter has 4 puppies currently in SAR, 2 in dual purpose police homes and 1 in an AKC obedience home. K9 Annika is maroon girl, and the runt of the litter that i kept back. This little girl had a ton of fight in her and when i thought we may loose her, and she pulled through i knew she had my heart.

Annika vom Kugelblitz CGC CA is in training for Airscent SAR and IPO. After taking a break over the last 8 months and focusing on obedience and tracking she is back at her airscent work and its like we never stopped. Once we solidify her complete find, refind sequence in which she locates her subject, comes back and finds me, barks repeatedly till told show me and then re finds her subject doing the whole sequence over and over till i am with the subject, we will start her testing! 2 of her littermates on Amigo SAR dogs have already passed 3 of the 5 certification tests, and Annika will be no different. I’m proud of all my SAR dogs, but what makes me even more proud of Annika is that i produced her, she is a product of my breeding, and like her mother, father, and all the other SAR dogs in the house she is handled, owned, and trained exclusively by me. This little girl just may be the one to carry on the vom Kugelblitz line.


Below is a short video clip of the locating, refind, and barking of Annikas Search sequence.




Part of the pack, Annika in the middle far back


Practicing down stays, getting ready for her BH


After earning her CA title. 3 nice lure coursing runs for this girl. So proud of her!

Flashback Friday

This weeks flashback post photos are of Otto, a 1 year old german shepherd that Elite Instinct Canine trained (from 8 weeks to 7 months) and placed into a Search and Rescue home.

Otto working on his bite

“Whatcha looking at?”

Otto playing with his handler

Otto is now starting his certification process with Amigo Search Dogs and by 2013 will be a certified search dog!

Sören- A few videos

Well it hasn’t even been 24 hours since Sören has entered our life and he is adjusting quite well! Below are a few videos to hold you over till the thunderstorms can roll past and we can get some good video and photos.


Just after getting off the plane, we found a nice grassy area to potty them and wear them out before the trip home from Newark.


Last night once we got home we took a little walk and romp in the field alone without the other dogs.



This morning playing in the backyard, working on some tug drive.