Emeline a November trail

The last few months have been crazy and the dogs have kept us busy!! Eme is progressing nicely with her trailing and this evening we ran one of her on team blind night trails. It was almost a mile in length and we had aged it 6 hours. I had no idea anything about the trail except that my subject was last seen at the chapel on campus. Eme hit on the door to the chapel and indicated to me he had touched it then proceeded to find his direction of travel. Her pace was fast and she banged each of her turns without overshooting anything. Her work in the dark was stellar and I could read her harness and line pressure perfectly despite her all black body being at the end of a 30 foot trailing line.

Red is subject blue is me and Emeline


Eme made that trail effortless. All i had to do was scent her, command her, and hang on!!! She rocked it, and I know her K9 mom Maya was smiling down on her trailing puppy tonight!

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