Urban Trail- Walton NY

Eme trailing

Our weekend team training took place in Walton with Amigo Search Dogs this week. Due to the hunting season we are forced to find an odd variety of places to train that are not the woods! Thanks to Amigo that was the Walton fairgrounds on Saturday  It was the first real cold training day of the season, so our goal was to stay warm and keep moving. Abby and Raina both worked some unique search scenario’s which helped us all use our heads!! Jordis, Sören’s sister, worked on  her airscent training in the new environment and searched barns and stables.  Amigo laid a trail for me around 1pm in the town for Eme to run once we were complete our other training. By 4pm we were heading out to what appeared to be a very busy Walton! Unbeknownst to us Saturday evening was the Walton town Christmas parade and the town was hopping!!! I was given my starting location and quickly set Eme to work in our pre-ritual trailing start. I walked her around the bank which was our LKP (Last known point) and let her take in the sights and smells and sounds of the Christmas carols being piped throughout all the streets!!!!

She indicated on the front door of the bank which i confirmed was where he touched and i began to cast her until we had a confirmed direction of travel. The number of people who had walked the same streets over the last 4 hours was overwhelming to me but she cut out all other scents, focused in on Dick’s (her subject) and went to work. We encountered a lot of windblown scent in the parking lot behind the bank and she cut against the building (where the scent was pooling and most likely stronger) but took all her turns perfect, giving me appropriate negatives once she had ruled out other directions. Near the end you see the other place our trail deviates from the subjects and that is the parking lot of the grocery store across the street from the McDonalds our subject was waiting in. Both parking lots had a lot of activity and a good open space where the 20MPH winds had worked the scent all over. She came out of both parking lots effortlessly working her way around speeding cars, people and dogs all around, and vendors setting up for the parade.

Red is our subject. Blue is Eme and I

Our first negative trail

Eme has had a good week, a lot of really challenging good trails set up thanks to the hard work of my teammates!  Today we attempted our first ever negative trail area. Essentially the scent article was collected from my subject and presented in an area he had NEVER been in. Instead a 30 minute hot track had been laid by another subject whom she had not been given a scent article for. This was a completely new concept to Miss Emeline as she has ALWAYS had her trail somewhere in the vicinity of where i have casted her.

Well she really did wow me today. I scented her on the tshirt and she gave me negatives in two directions saving the direction down toward the water where she did have the distraction trail as last. I sent her down there to check it out and she showed some interest in it, i told her no and casted her a bit further out same reaction but she steered herself back up to the scent article. She stopped and i re scented her again and she just sat down “um duh mom it’s not HERE!” You’ll see that around 1:20 of the video.

So proud of her!!