Our first negative trail

Eme has had a good week, a lot of really challenging good trails set up thanks to the hard work of my teammates!  Today we attempted our first ever negative trail area. Essentially the scent article was collected from my subject and presented in an area he had NEVER been in. Instead a 30 minute hot track had been laid by another subject whom she had not been given a scent article for. This was a completely new concept to Miss Emeline as she has ALWAYS had her trail somewhere in the vicinity of where i have casted her.

Well she really did wow me today. I scented her on the tshirt and she gave me negatives in two directions saving the direction down toward the water where she did have the distraction trail as last. I sent her down there to check it out and she showed some interest in it, i told her no and casted her a bit further out same reaction but she steered herself back up to the scent article. She stopped and i re scented her again and she just sat down “um duh mom it’s not HERE!” You’ll see that around 1:20 of the video.

So proud of her!!


Eme’s trail July 6th

I compilation of video clips of Eme’s trail run on July 6th. Due to my surgery she hadn’t run a trail in over 3 weeks. This was run blind (meaning i had no idea where the trail went, but my flanker did who set it up) and was a bit over an hour old. Go to the link to see a map and more information about this trail.

The LKP (last known point) was the front door of the house when the angry teen fled after getting into a fight with his parents. The video is pretty shaky and not always focusing on me but you can catch her body language, her nose on the ground except in certain parts of the feild where the wind was blowing it and she had her nose up a bit more, you can also see her perfect 90 degree turn to the left following his exact path. Towards 3 minutes you will also see her throw her head left, and then a second after i do as well, she was giving me a proximity alert. In other words she was using a little of her airscent training without even really knowing it showing me the direction of the subject, you will see us go up the hill and then back down still following his exact trail, but as her handler i have a good idea of the location of the subject now.  At the very end you will see that even with a huge scent pool (the subject was out there the whole hour waiting and Eme has passed several of her airscent certification tests) and a visual on the subject she still trails right up to his foot.

What a good girl Eme!

Emeline- The trailing German

Eme and Raina

So the last 3 weeks Eme has had to survive life with no trailing, i just couldn’t do it with one hand, not the way that beast pulls.

So today one of the Dog Corps. interns, Luke wanted to set up her trail. I wanted something short and sweet, but i didn’t want to know anything about it. He hung out on the porch of a house and took off about a half mile. An hour later we suited up.

Our ritual is set, she understands as she sits in the truck what is going to happen. She watches as i grab her trailing vest, her long line, and the baggy that contains “her persons” scent.  As i walk to my LKP (last known point) to place out her paraphernalia she whines ever so slightly so i do not forget her. Not like i can, i mean i would look pretty funny following an empty harness around in a circle! My nose certainly can’t do the things hers can but she doesn’t know that, she thinks the world of me for just being me!!!!

I got her dressed, presented her article gave her the german command to track and we were off like a whirlwind. No doubting her being correct in our direction of travel, her nose glued to the ground and her four legs moving faster then mine as i run behind her to keep consistent tension on the line.

Emes’s trail July 6th. Subject is blue eme is red

She took her turns perfect with no hesitation and never once airscented (little wind but his scent pool would still be present after an hour of sitting out there) her head finally came up once she reached his shoe!