Valentine’s Day post surgery

Today will be day 3 that valentine has been home with us. It’s already been a rough road. Val thinks she is FINE and doesn’t understand why mom and dad have her crated 24 hours a day, why she has to walk with the sling under her ass end and a tight 2 foot leash. She pulls like a bull outside when walking and you have to stress your back to keep her next to you and walking slow. She FINALLY pooped this morning, that was 2 days with no pooping because she couldn’t stand going on the leash and sling!!!!! Wow she is just as stubborn as her father.  Carrying her outside 4 times a day is a little rough too. I’m just happy shes ok though. I stocked up on some anti lick strips that smell horrid which she licks over and over again just to shake her head and snort……..they didn’t give bulldogs a lot of brains huh?

Post surgery 3 days

So while i’m happy she is recovering from the surgery this is going to be a long sucky summer. Val just wants to go out  and run and hike with her siblings and she can’t.  I’m a paranoid crazy mom trying to keep her quite, keep her stiches in (which come out next week thank god) do her PT and hot packs and keep her away from the other dogs (cuz thats easy when we have anywhere from 11 to 15 in the house) The $4000 vet bill isn’t great either my poor bank account is always empty now!!!!! Well pictures to come once i get the energy to upload the camera, maybe tonight after night training.

The Scar

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