To swim or not to swim

Saturday brought about a nice day, warm, no rain, and my hubby home with me! So we pack up a few dogs (kendal the boxer and eme the GSD to be exact) to check out a swimming location i had spotted. The girls did great of course, the water was moving pretty swift so we kept leashes on them which i needed to drag eme out of the current once!!!! They took turns swimming in the water with us and up on the rocks sniffing around. It was pretty slippery but fun in the hot weather.

Kendal and Emeline

After a romp in the water and some drive building with Emeline in the water and on shore we hit up creature comforts and socialized both pups a bit, of course EVERYONE couldn’t believe how sweet, friendly, and well behaved they were. Little angles they can play can’t they!!!

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