Hike, swim, work, hike

Today was the first nice day off i had in what seemed like FOREVER!!!! I was so happy to have the sun out, even though it wasn’t really warm warm. I had a lot of stuff to get done today and cleaned out all the cars (lisa will be so proud) got all the stuff for my cat foster people together, picked up a new rescue dog, got him settled in a new foster family, hiked with kara and her pack, worked the dogs, came home went on a night hike and settled in for the evening.

Still taking things slow with eme of course we went down to the beaver damn in the woods by Kara’s mom’s house and brought Tonka the new rescue golden we have. Eme jumped right into in the huge pond after tonka and started swimming i was so proud of her! Then she hung out on the damn and played with sticks and the other dogs.

Once pat got there we worked Mika and Amy and then i did a little run away with eme. Hopefully i can post up some video soon. It was her second run away ever and i wanted it to be quick and kinda slow but she had other plans! Pat held her while i ran off with her toy, just before patty let her go she started barking like mad and took off full speed down, got about a foot past me eyes straight ahead and did a spin out when her nose led her back to me! She played like crazy for a few minutes and i was so proud of her searching, play drive and need to work!!! Thank you Quax and Maya she is a wonderful pup.

We had some dinner took the pups down to the beaver damn again then i headed home to play tug with olive, ball with anna and take eme, clark and kendal on a night hike. Gotta give every pup there time ya know?

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