I’m a tractor girl!!!

SO with  the addition of the kabota tractor to our “expensive toys” last year i have finally decided to make it work for me and my dogs!!! We are clearing and brush hogging the top of the land (which is about as level as our land gets in one area) for my agility course. Its a good hike up the path to get to it but its nice to not have it in the backyard where all t he other dogs bark and freak out. I was up yesterday with k learning to drive and pull stumps out with the tractor.

I must admit you never would have known i was a city girl a few short years ago!!!

yeeeeee hawwwww

Behind and to the left is the main area of t he agility, we will also have up another path a huge debris pile for working and hopefully down the road a bit in time a pond at the bottom of our property for swimming.  And of course we have camping and a range for the human counterparts 🙂 Look forward to a nice camping k9 party!!

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