Some weeks seem like they go by so fast, until i look at my blog i dont realize how long its been!!! Tonight was a relaxing night, with a hike when i got home from work and then some training time individually, then some chill time on the couch! Working a lot the last few weeks has kept me busy. We also had a search on saturday instead of water training so no fun blog posts with pictures.  Though this saturday is New Jersey water training and that should yeild some good pics and video and a good time. Plus my new future search dog should be conceived this week if all goes well!!! She/he will be a half sister to Emeline, they have the same dad but different mom. Their mom is also a certified NYS search dog, she is also certified through IPWADA and STPWD in cadaver! Should be another SUPER canine copilot pack member!

Clark relaxin love the paws!

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