New Jersey Water Training

Friday night we (kara, me, emeline, and Mika) went down to NJ to meet Eagle Valley and Amigo team members. We got a hotel room at the holiday inn express for the night and training started saturday morning at 0700. We shared a room with 2 of my team mates Katie and her bluetick coonhound scout and karen and her pup who is my dogs sister icha.  I have to give them props man they all did great all night long even in the tiny hotel room after riding in a crate all day in the car!!!!!!!!!! They of course had to play their little butts off for a bit when we got settled into the room.

The Girls "playing"

After they calmed down a bit we got them up in bed for a few minutes of cuddle time then put the pups into their crates for the night.  A few whines and everyone fell asleep and stayed quite it was great!!!

Starting to Settle down.

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