Terrific Tip Tuesday



Todays TTT is all about puppies!!!!

We do a lot of foundation work with clients and I consistently see one big area for improvement when bringing your new puppy home.

Prepare prepare prepare!!!!

I cannot stress enough, you bring home a clean slate the day you walk in with your new dog or puppy, make sure you have a plan in place, the time to execute that plan, and the skills and knowledge or help during this important part of your journey. The first few weeks in your home set the tone for the next 15 or 20 years with your dog, PLAN PLAN PLAN! Keep things consistent right from the start, do not allow or encourage that which you do not want your dog doing in 7 years and remember you are always training when you are with your dog, behavior is not static it is always changing!


Getting a new puppy?? Want to do things right?? Contact us today, we can get you prepped and ready and be on standby with lifetime training support for all those “what do i do now” questions and of course get you in those important puppy foundation classes.  1-856-624-EIK9  or email us! EIK9Training@gmail.com

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