Terrific Tip Tuesday

This week’s 3T is a big one and something to keep in mind when working with your dog, working with clients and dogs if your a trainer yourself or even being in the vet, doggie day care, or dog walking industry.

Very often we get calls and emails for a multitude of issues, jumping, peeing in the house, biting the cat, biting people who walk by. The list could go on and on and on, and while i patiently listen to all the issues told, i quickly explain that these “issues” are just that, small parts of a large puzzle.

Many owners are confused when I explain yes, those issues will get fixed, however i am here to fix your relationship and your communication issues with your dog, because that is the root of the symptoms!


If you fix the basics, the symptoms are easily taken care of. A dog who once barked and bit people who walked by on the street no longer cares, a dog who couldn’t travel in a car because it broke the windows can now sit peacefully on a long car trip. Was the first thing we did get in the car and yell, scream, or feed cookies while driving?? Nope, we fixed the relationship first, instilling mutual respect, trust and clear communication….then we plugged away at clearly showing what behavior we want and what behavior we don’t want by communicating to the dog effectively in a language he understands.

Keep this in mind when looking at your dogs “issues” and look for a big picture! Call us for a fee phone consult today!


~No I do not Whisper, I Translate.

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