Dog Aggression IS Predictable

This is a WONDERFUL article by Stanley Coren PhD. As one of the few people in the area that offers behavioral consulting including dog and human aggression rehab, I get to see the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to dogs.

While a lot of work is done with high drive social shepherds and malinois, i frequently have clients come down to work on dog/dog aggression and dog/human aggression. The kids of Allynwood Academy CHAT become an active part in these ill mannered pooches rehab, while learning to control their own emotions in high stress situations.

Prevention is the best medicine, please find a trainer today and work out a training plan for your pooch, even if he is just a home pet! And stay tuned for the students work with Casey a 14 month old German Shepherd that will be visiting the school today to work with the students of Allynwood CHAT, Casey has sever dog and human aggression but has come a long way in her training over the past 8 months. We know the kids, and dogs will learn an important lesson today while helping Casey to heal.

Training Director- Allynwood Academy CHAT

Jennifer Culver

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