What we do at EIK9

Just a quick recap for those who do not know what we do at EIK9



Jenn is a certified dog trainer/behaviorist who offers private training in basic obedience, behavioral issues and group classes when beneficial  Mostly what Jenn can do is offer you a better understanding of how to live with your dog. Many of the clients i work with have no issues at all with there canine friends, they are just looking for an easier way to communicate and i can give that!

We also offer training in any of the following venues

Canine Search and Rescue- Airscent, Human Remains, and Trailing 




Developing a reward system for the working canine

Protection and bitework

Puppy raising for police canine, therapy work, and service dog

Therapy dog training and Canine Good Citizen work

Movie acting and tricks


EIK9 has raised, certified, and worked canines in all of the above and our knowledge comes from hands on experience over the past decade. Please don’t accept any trainer who claims they can teach your dog something they have never successfully trained their own dogs to do!!!!!!!


Contact us today, accepting new clients on a limited basis

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